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Cheap, simple and quick lunches without bread or leftovers

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sharond101 Tue 15-Jan-13 22:27:47

stuffed peppers or courgettes
cous cous salad
stir fried vegetables
hummus and crudites

ethelb Tue 15-Jan-13 13:08:10

tabouleh and slaw. Oat cakes with toppings.

ppeatfruit Tue 15-Jan-13 12:21:35

A lovely idea if you like onions or shallots with yr. salad but find them to 'strong' is to cut them finely then soak them in fresh lemon juice in a container in the fridge; it 'calms' their strength and also they're ready to use if you're in a rush!

ppeatfruit Tue 15-Jan-13 12:18:05

If you don't feel like cooking but don't mind slicing grin and want to do 'healthy' I like half an avo, finely cut shallot, also endive or lettuce with some alfalfa or parsley and chopped walnuts sprinkled on top with lemon and olive oil or walnut oil dressing. I have that with just ryvitas or tinned mackerel or tuna etc. also with same dressing.

DewDr0p Tue 15-Jan-13 12:13:58

You can also make a v quick pea soup by simmering frozen peas in stock until tender, then blitz with a stick blender. Serve with some parmesan grated over the top. (It is of course nicer with bread grin )

Melty Tue 15-Jan-13 10:44:33

Leek and potato soup? takes about 20mins to cook, and is v cheap.

Melty Tue 15-Jan-13 10:43:59

Have a google for Bill Granger. He does very simple recipes that are also very tasty.

You mentioned no bread, does that mean no starchy carbs like pasta too?
If not, think stuff like pasta with olive oil, garlic and baby tomatoes, or pasta with pesto.
Or, Turkey mince (cheap and low fat) with tbls dark soy sauce, tbls fish sauce, chili and garlic. Throw in fine beans when meat cooked, (Cook garlic & chili for 30 secs then add turkey mince, takes about 5 minutes to cook, add soy and fish sauce, and tsp sugar, add fine green beans, finish with a hand ful of basil.) Its yum and cooks in about 10 mins over all.

DewDr0p Tue 15-Jan-13 09:47:05

YY omelette would be good with a side salad.

Couscous with tinned mackerel or sardines and salad.

Pasta pesto with chopped fresh tomatoes.

Cartons of soup (some on offer at c £1 last time I shopped)

Is Ryvita allowed? That's nice topped with low fat cream cheese and cucumber/tomato/spring onion; or with mashed avocado, tomato and either cream cheese or maybe mozarella.

DottyDot Tue 15-Jan-13 09:43:17

Poached eggs with any ham and tomatoes you've got in!

AndMiffyWentToSleep Tue 15-Jan-13 09:42:54

Noodle soup

CMOTDibbler Tue 15-Jan-13 09:39:35

Rice noodles with sweet chilli sauce and cooked chicken or tuna

ilovepowerhoop Tue 15-Jan-13 09:36:16

baked potato with beans/cheese/coleslaw

bigbadbarry Tue 15-Jan-13 09:34:41


Skang Tue 15-Jan-13 09:28:23

Anyone have any ideas?

I would rather not cook for the freezer either.

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