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Help! What can I do with a vat of cooked lentils?

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Startail Mon 14-Jan-13 21:57:15

freeze it in portions, add minced beef, more onion and more tomato/ tomato puree depending on runnyness. ie poor students Bolognese.

Clearly all variations on lentil and bacon soup.

And yes idelvices vegi bake, I have a recipe for something like that some where.

Lentils, pork mince, onions and chilli possibly with a few peppers. Mexican with rice or taco shells.

Baked beans are also brilliant for stretching pork mince, but my DDs hate them, with a passion that inly bananas deserve.

idlevice Mon 14-Jan-13 21:00:00

If it is quite sloppy, try to remove liquid if you can, add some breadcrumbs & then a load of grated cheese. Taste it & see if it might need some tomato puree (good for colour too) & seasoning. You can press tomato slices into the top for decoration. Bake it in a loaf tin or any baking container really & have it as lentil bake. It will freeze, & can be eaten cold in a packed lunch.

ivykaty44 Mon 14-Jan-13 20:58:54

Make parship soup and add the lentils before you puree.

Make cottage pie and add half mince and half lentils

Mine eat dalh with rice and other Indian dishes shpread on the table - would you get away with this?

Make lemony lentil soup and again blend the lentils

what was it about the dish they were not keen about? The taste the texture or the fact it was new and differnet?

mrsvilliers Mon 14-Jan-13 20:41:11

I'd freeze it, but you coukd also blend it up with a bit of stock to make soup. I love lentils!

Would they like it if you blended it? I made this on fri and DP blended his, as hes a fussy eater, and he liked it ok.

You could freeze it in portions for you and DH another night. I cant really think how I would use it any other way tbh.

TaraQ Mon 14-Jan-13 19:44:02

I made a lentil casserole/stew this evening - fried onion and chorizo with lentils, chopped tomatoes and paprika. Me and dh loved it but kids loathed it - picked out chorizo but weren't interested in the rest. Admittedly it was the first time I have really cooked them lentils - I thought it would make a cheap and tasty meal.
Anyway, I made a tonne of the stuff and so now have loads left. Don't want to chuck it. Can i encorporate (and disguise) it into another meal or 2? Any ideas?....

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