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thats it - I'm out of ideas - what are you having for dinner tonight

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yehudiwho Mon 14-Jan-13 16:15:30

if I ask the family they'll either say' I dont mind-whatever '-dp or 'fish fingers/pasta with tomato sauce' ds, I need help

Mintyy Mon 14-Jan-13 16:17:23

Home made minestrone soup, ds will have garlic bread with it, but dh and I will not.

Kyrptonite Mon 14-Jan-13 16:19:06

DCs are having frittatas. DP is having chicken and veg (low carbing) and I don't have a clue what I fancy.

whattodoo Mon 14-Jan-13 16:20:30

Burgers and pasta salad.

Pork and Apple with mash tomortow

Sausage casserole weds.

Pasta and get sauce thurs.

Curry Fri.

Homemade pizza sat.

Quiche Sunday.

cq Mon 14-Jan-13 16:21:06

Chicken kiev (shop bought), mini roasties and cabbage/leeks and peas. Easy and there will not be a scrap of waste. Well, maybe a bit of cabbage on the kids' plates ......

whattodoo Mon 14-Jan-13 16:21:11

get veg

ouryve Mon 14-Jan-13 16:21:13

Hardly inspiring. Naice sausages, chips made in my actifry, baked beans (probably the posh ones with all different beans in if we still have some), mushrooms (for me, no one else likes them on their own) and cherry tomatoes (for DS1, who likes neither mushrooms nor baked beans)

I'm hormonal, achy and clumsy and not up to anything more challenging.

Sallster Mon 14-Jan-13 16:21:15

Pork Tagine - Pork from the freezer, canned chickpeas, carrots, onions, lots of spice and some green olives left over from a dinner party at the weekend.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Mon 14-Jan-13 16:21:30

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon, cauliflower mash and green beans cooked in butter.

Another one low carbing!

flossy101 Mon 14-Jan-13 16:22:04

Chicken stir fry

GeordieCherry Mon 14-Jan-13 16:22:26

Veggie chilli with nachos, soured cream & melty cheese smile

DoItToJulia Mon 14-Jan-13 16:22:57

Jacket potatoes with homemade cauliflower and broccoli cheese and salad?

I bought some of those posh beans the other day, they look lurvely!

HeyMicky Mon 14-Jan-13 16:23:08

Spicy noodle soup with prawns and loads of asian veg

DoItToJulia Mon 14-Jan-13 16:23:23

Random question mark appeared in that post!

CMP69 Mon 14-Jan-13 16:23:30

JO meatballs and garlic bread for me and DH, Ds is having philly sandwiches as he had school dinners

Chilli with pasta because I forgot to buy rice. actually DP told me we had some

Also this week,

naan bread pizzas with bacon
chickpea curry
chorizo and lentil soup/stew
chorizo and mozzarella pasta
sausage and butterbean stew

Getting good use of my new slow cooker grin

BigStickBIWI Mon 14-Jan-13 16:26:49

DH/DS2 are having vegetable bake. I haven't been doing a very good job of using the veg in my veg box, so tonight is potatoes, cauliflower, onions, peppers and carrots, in a cheese sauce, baked until the top is golden.

I'm low carbing, so that's out for me. Instead, I'm having roast breast of lamb, with a green salad.

Mintyy Mon 14-Jan-13 16:27:27

Ooooh I really wish I could make spicy noodle soup. Asian soups are an area of cooking that I'm sadly lacking in ... I just fear anything I attempted would turn out downright nasty!

belleat40 Mon 14-Jan-13 16:29:18

Leftover cheese sauce with brocolli, cauliflower and peas with pasta for kids. Plus some dough balls.
Leftover pork for me and DH with peppers, onion and mushroom and spicy tomato sauce with rice.

DoItToJulia Mon 14-Jan-13 16:29:46

Recipe please, is it a clear broth type thing, like a wagamama saien soba?

DancingInTheMoonlight Mon 14-Jan-13 16:32:04

Slow cooked leg of lamb left overs from yesterday with cauliflower, green beans and carrot and Swede

Naoko Mon 14-Jan-13 16:32:11

Curly kale and potato mash with sausages. Good oldfashioned Dutch winter food. I've been freezing my tits off all day so I want something warm and filling and comforting.

Pascha Mon 14-Jan-13 16:43:38

spag bog. Sorry. No ideas here.

ihearsounds Mon 14-Jan-13 16:44:56

Orange chicken, broccoli and pasta. Sounds odd, yes I know but it really is scrummy.
Salmon and salad tomorrow.
Curry wednesday.
Skewers and salad on thurday.
Friday meat and lentil bake which I shall also have on Saturday.
Sunday couscous.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 14-Jan-13 16:45:51

Meatballs and pasta! Maybe some homemade ice cream for pud, if I can be bothered making it!

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