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pseuds corner anyone?

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ethelb Fri 11-Jan-13 16:39:47

We had roast beef sandwiches on granary bread, with horseradish and very crunchy cos lettuce. I popped the beef in the oven that morning, and roasted it on some bay leaves, shallots, heritage carrots (purple on the outside, orange in the middle) and a few lovely golden beetroots. We also had satsumas, which I bought from my local Turkish supermarket, and a box of traditional homemade Czech pastries called kolace. The recipe has been passed down through the generations from Dan's grandmother, Franceska, who was from Valašsko. It's a really special pastry and you can use it for anything – savoury or sweet. Sometimes I make a big sausage plait but this time I used up the last of a shop-bought jar of mincemeat, to which I added some chopped apple, orange zest and brandy. grin

magimedi88 Fri 11-Jan-13 19:40:01

We had a picnic on Christmas day, having visited DH's 99 year old aunt.

We had: Hard boiled eggs, spring onions, cream cheese & ham sarnies, crisps, tiffin & ginger beer.

It was delicious & the gas generated helped us on the 80 mile journey home.

PS Am sure you will be happy to know that the eggs were free range & the ham was 'quite' naice!

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