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Is liver ok?

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Babybags Tue 13-Jan-04 11:09:46

I'm looking for new things to feed my nearly 10m dd who hasn't turned her nose up at anything yet! Can she eat chicken livers? I don't know if I'm just being careful because liver is on the pregnancy taboo list or if I've read somewhere that she can't have it until she's 1yo. Thanks.

bundle Tue 13-Jan-04 11:12:52

liver is a fabulous source of iron, I remember cooking chicken livers for you've reminded me I must go & get some for dd2
I don't remember anything about having to be a year old.

Babybags Tue 13-Jan-04 11:17:18

Great!! How did you cook them? Sorry, should have asked that before

celandine Tue 13-Jan-04 16:39:57

Hi, the easiest way to cook liver is to wash it, roll it in some flour and then fry it. Delicious, - and you've just made me think I want liver and onions for tea! (But darn it, haven't got any liver in... )

I'm sure there's tons of gorgeous recipes for liver out there but I don't know any. The only other thing that comes to mind is a recipe I saw involving pasta and liver but to my mind that sounds yelch.

prettycandles Wed 14-Jan-04 14:41:26

Mmmmmmm, yum. Liver 'n' onions - my fave, especially if it's fried with loads of basil.

You can't always find chicken livers at the supermarket, so I buy some whenever I can and keep it in the freezer.

Calf's liver is an excellent finger food if you cut it in strips before frying - chicken liver is too soft and squidgy for finger food, which is prob why my dd thinks it makes an excellent face-pack

oliveoil Wed 14-Jan-04 14:43:52

Liver! Just the thought makes me want to vom, no way could I cook this for dd, iron or no iron.


Babybags Wed 14-Jan-04 15:35:46

An update - I got hold of an Anabel Karmel recipe which dd loved last night. 2 chicken livers, 1oz leek, 2oz carrot, 1oz mushrooms all cooked for 8mins in 120ml chicken stock. Puree this mixture and mix with 1 cooked and mashed potato.

I confess to even having a bit myself

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