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Easy healthy puddings please

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I have just informed DD that she is no longer going to eat at least one Lidl bought dessert every day - all that sugar, cane syrup etc - but that we will make desserts instead. (She's not overimpressed.)

What easy, healthy-ish puddings could we make? Today we had apple jelly made with apple puree out of the freezer from the glut of 2008 (blush) and set with gelatine, which we all enjoyed. Now I need a good idea for tomorrow.

frootshoots Thu 10-Jan-13 23:17:20

Baked apples/pears/bananas with a scoop of ice cream, homemade rice pudding, fruit salad, crumble, lemon mousse, individual cheesecakes, sorbets, my childhood favourite... Banana and custard grin Just use low fat ingredients where you see fit smile

sashh Fri 11-Jan-13 04:42:43

Shove a banana in the ocen, still in the skin for 10 mins.

It comes out all goey, a bit like hot icecream, serve with yoghurt / cream / sugar / creme fraiche / ice cream - depending on how healthy you are being.

wrenster Fri 11-Jan-13 13:18:59

Malt loaf either shop bought or homemade, mine love no added sugar angel delight, banana and yogurt, variety of dried fruit, strawberries/peaches/pineapple and evaporated milk.

Mine are only 4 so I just try and make out anything new is a really big treat and they are very lucky to be having it!

Lafaminute Fri 11-Jan-13 13:35:35

dip chopped up bananas in chocolate and freeze.

Just had hot (vintage) apple sauce over cold ice cream - amazing!

Am definitely buying more bananas - I had forgotten about them, since DD doesn't eat them. I am sure she will with custard, frozen or baked! I now remember how we used to barbecue whole bananas split open with a stick of chocolate inside.

Home-made crumbles, rice pudding etc should be perfect with an Aga-like cooker and a cold spell forecast.

Now, I just need to summon up the will power not to eat all these myself!

milkmoustache Fri 11-Jan-13 18:37:56

Just discovered great idea in Tana Ramsay book - DD said she loved it so much she wanted to marry it! Bake a tin of peaches in their juice (mine were tinned in grape juice) in shallow dish at 160 for 25 mins with a small cinnamon stick and 4 bashed up cardamom pods. Serve with custard/ice cream/yogurt. Fairly healthy and a great store-cupboard option.

That does sound good. And healthy enough with plain yogurt.

Drladybird Mon 14-Jan-13 10:04:13

Milkmoustache that sounds yum. Will have to try it out. Other suggestions:
chocolate and prune mousse surprisingly healthy and little one's love it!
pear crumble without refined sugar but really yummy- chewy and fruity topping!

That whole website looks good, Drladybird; DD is vegetarian and I run out of ideas which aren't broccoli with grated cheese, fish fingers or baked beans with pasta or rice.

Actually, before someone tells me better; I know that she is really a pescatarian. She wanted to be a vegetarian but I refused to allow her to give up fish fingers and smoked salmon offcut sandwiches for school. blush

multitaskmama Tue 15-Jan-13 17:25:01

My kids love a dessert as do hubby and I but have to be very careful. I stick to the traditional desserts but replace ingredients with as healthy as I can get eg. for bread and butter pudding, I use wholemeal bread, semi-skimmed milk and raisins and a little but of sugar and egg. Its still tasty but not sickly sweet and I never add cream:
Healthy Bread & Butter Pudding

A cold dessert loved by my kids is a Yoghurt Berry Crunch. You have all things good such as yogurt, berries and granola, but since it is layered, kids can get fooled into thinking its a trifle!
Yoghurt Berry Crunch

Another family favourite is rice pudding which takes minutes to make, can be enjoyed hot or cold and you can replace the sugar with a bit of honey:
Healthy Rice Pudding

Have left the best till last, low fat cheesecake. Despite chefs saying you must make cheesecake with full-fat cream cheese, you can use low fat digestives, very little butter, Philadelphia Light and some blueberries. You still need a bit of sugar but you can adjust as you'll still get the sweetness from the berries:
Low Fat Cheesecake

What's great is that all of these are easy, use only a handful of ingredients and don't take too much time wink


Zavi Wed 16-Jan-13 19:08:55

Apple strudel made with Filo pastry. Served with creme fraiche.

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