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Any one here shop daily?

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IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 17:56:40

I've been thinking about doing food shopping daily and wondered how many MNers do, what type of food, what sort of shops and what sort of distances you walk to do this?

In case this sounds like meal planning/moneysaving heresy, I shall explain that I don't drive and have been having a once or twice weekly Tesco delivery, which is quite costly and then end up chucking stuff away. I need the exercise, so going out for a long shopping walk every day is a definite positive for me!

zlist Thu 10-Jan-13 20:10:27

Yes, but I am absolutely terrible at planning ahread and budgeting - partly due to DH being fussy/only wanting to eat what he fancies on that day and also because we really need a new kitchen - we have no extended to the open plan room it is in is really quite big but the kitchen itself has hardly any storage.
I do the daily/every other day shop at Waitrose. It is the nearest supermarket to me and I could walk there in less than ten minutes (I drive though as I am usually coming back from somewhere else first/pop in whilst DS is in a club).
I think I do throw away less this way but I don't think I spend less!
We also go to the butchers at least once a week. We get about half of our milk delivered - I like getting the milk delivered and would get it all that way if it was organic.
I am hoping to cut down on my daily shops by doing some monthly shops for booze/cleaning stuff etc that can be stored in our new shed. I'm also going to start getting a veg box delivered from Riverford. I still expect to go every other day though.
If you are going to walk, and you have the storage room, I would still do a monthly online shop for non perishables. Even with daily shopping it can be quite heavy!

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 20:27:59

Yes, a monthly online shop for tins, cleaning stuff, loo roll etc. will be a must.

The nearest supermarket to me is actually an Aldi, it's about a ten minute walk, but not on the way back from school which is when we end up in the Spar or One Stop which is is rip-off money. Hopefully should save some money if I go there. Morrisons is a half-hour walk, or I can bus it into town too.

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