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can you cook using dishwasher salt?

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lummox Tue 18-Apr-06 17:28:32

I know it sounds disgusting, but I want to bake a whole fish in salt and haven't got enough ordinary salt.

on the packet it says it's just salt, so would it be OK?

Greensleeves Tue 18-Apr-06 17:30:28

I'd taste it. If it tastes right it probably is!!

Why do you want to cover a whole fish in salt, just out of interest?

lummox Tue 18-Apr-06 17:32:40

it tastes very salty! i think it's just ordinary salt saltiness, though.

it's a recipe for sea bass from the bbc website - i'm not sure what the salt does exactly, though.

CarolinaMooncup Tue 18-Apr-06 17:33:57

go for it

I've always fancied baking a whole fish in salt but have never had enough salt - I'm obv thinking as creatively as you...

iota Tue 18-Apr-06 18:08:37

this websitre says DO NOT INGEST


CarolinaMooncup Tue 18-Apr-06 18:42:51

aren't there any warnings on the packet??

Mercy Tue 18-Apr-06 18:56:27


Dishwashing products if eaten are a reason for dialling 999 - I'm looking at page 78 of hte NHS direct book.

pootlepod Tue 18-Apr-06 19:00:28

No idea- but you can cook a fish in the dishwasher. You have to wrap it in foil.

Mercy Tue 18-Apr-06 19:00:46

bump - don't use dishwasher salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lummox Tue 18-Apr-06 19:49:19

ah. right. glad I came back to this thread.

sadly too late to not cover the fish in dishwasher salt, but think i might give it a miss now.

no warnings on the packet, no. it's French dishwasher salt if that makes any difference.

looks like it's something from a tin for us.

thank you though. it's a long way to A&E from here!

pootlepod - are you serious?

pootlepod Tue 18-Apr-06 22:08:35

Yes, but I don't know the details- like what cycle you have to use and which fish works best. Seem to think it's like steaming/poaching- but don't know if you are supposed to do the dishes at the same time.

pootlepod Tue 18-Apr-06 22:09:38

here you go

lummox Wed 19-Apr-06 08:18:51

That recipe looks great pootlepod - I particularly like the bit just to the side where it says that you could just bake it for twelve minutes instead.

Am now wondering if i was a little hasty - I can see that other dishwasher products shouldn't be eaten (so it would have been ott to use rinse agent in the sauce) but the salt does seem to just be salt.

plummymummy Thu 27-Apr-06 12:01:56

can't u just nip out to the corner shop? Y risk it love?

CharlotteCraig Wed 24-Apr-13 13:24:12

By the time you have come on here posting and reading replies it would have been quicker to go and get some proper salt.

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