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New years resolution healthy healthy healthy !!! meal ideas please

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rockyroadahead Wed 02-Jan-13 18:12:22

I am looking for some really healthy meal ideas to put together a meal planner before i go for my new year big grocerie shop !!

Dp and i are TTC at the mo !

We always buy brown food . and try to go for the packets with the least ingrediants involved but need some ideas for the whole family but have let our healthy meals slide over xmas .

rockyroadahead Wed 02-Jan-13 18:20:59

also we all have a real sweet tooth and are a sucker for a good pudding !! as part of a healthy diet how often should you have pudding ?

Lulabellarama Wed 02-Jan-13 18:22:13

Some recipes I'll be trying over the next few weeks.

These ones I've already tried and LOVE

I've been scouring recipes for hours today!!!

BrokenBananaTantrum Wed 02-Jan-13 19:47:44

I want some ideas too. Need to spend some time with that list Lula. Thanks.

Drladybird Wed 02-Jan-13 22:06:03

Some inspiration for healthy puds (we have a sweet tooth over here too!):
Baked apples
pear crumble
chocolate and prune mousse

wheredidiputit Wed 02-Jan-13 22:09:04

I like this website good. She has a lot of 'normal' meals but made healthier.

OwlCatMouse Wed 02-Jan-13 22:11:02

Healthy bikers diet cookbook. It's great

ifancyashandy Wed 02-Jan-13 22:12:54

Am I reading it incorrectly or Lulabella is the spicey salmon and lentils one 600 calories and 7gr of Sat Fat per serving?! Not so healthy if that is the case... But am probably reading it incorrectly in my post New Years haze!

Lulabellarama Wed 02-Jan-13 22:36:05

That's correct, but dinner for 600 cals is not a problem surely? Healthy doesn't necessarily mean low calorie.

ifancyashandy Wed 02-Jan-13 22:39:13

Hmm... Combined with the sat fat its too high for me. But I'm a food nazi and try to keep to under 1600 or so a day. Used to be 4 stones heavier and that combined with exercise is how I lost it. Hence I try to keep to it. The chickpea, lentil and chilli soup looks good though.

PoohBearsHole Wed 02-Jan-13 22:44:41

This months good food mag has lots, inc a little booket with some of the above recipes, chicken and white bean stew is a yummy one!

MousyMouse Wed 02-Jan-13 22:49:54

imagine toddler plates, the ones with one large sections.
big section for steamed weg, small sections for carbs and meat (if you do eat meat).

stop eating when you are not hungry anymore, don't eat 'till full.

excercise everyday (not neccessarily gym, but walk whenever you can, take the stairs, just move )

don't snack, just stick to meals.

Lulabellarama Wed 02-Jan-13 22:54:28

Fair enough. I'd never be able to stick to 1600! Luckily I've never needed to go that low, but then I'm a bit taller than average.

ifancyashandy Wed 02-Jan-13 22:56:20

Lucky you! However, am also tall at 5'9. Just prefer being 9.5 stone to 13.5!

Lulabellarama Wed 02-Jan-13 23:00:29

We're the same height smile
I guess if I was trying to lose a lot it might spur me on to drop more calories, but I tend to feel at my best when I'm eating lots of oily fish, olive oil, avocado etc and exercising. Whatever works for each of us.

AnonymousBird Thu 03-Jan-13 09:36:58

<watching with interest>

rockyroadahead Thu 03-Jan-13 10:43:55

all great recipes lullabel .... BUT dp hates fish and most of them r fish related but great web sight i have been on there for some recipes before but never really looked at the website properly .... have picked out some recipes to try for this week so thanx for the heads up ..

i am not really trying to loose weight just be really healthy as ttc ...
Also feeding a two year old who is a little wirlwind so needs extra calories

rockyroadahead Fri 04-Jan-13 18:26:45

ah hi guys .. have just had a lovely dinner that I kind of invented so thought I would share ...
I got the idea from a TV for turkey cottage pie ( I’m sure it was river cottage but couldn’t find the recipe on the net ) so I thought I would wing it and see how it turned out .... It really was sooo tasty and super healthy so thought I would pass it on so I can brag about it mainly !!!
SO here it is ,
turkey mince
cannellini beans (or whatever ones you prefer)
spring onions
herbs de prevance dried
poultry gravy (I used from a packed as mine was not thick enough but can use thickening agent and stock etc )

for the mash = sweet potatoes butternut squash and knob of butter

- Start by browning the mince till pretty much cooked then set aside

- add the garlic , and all herbs i used fresh with a pinch of dry to increase flavour to frying pan with little oil

- chop the carrots , leeks , celery and spring onions into tiny cubes (e.g half a cm size ) and add to the pan with cannellini beans

- mean while chop the squash in half wrap in foil and put in the oven (for about an hour) . peel chop and steam the sweet pot until ready to mash

- while squash and sweet pot r cooking add your stock to the veg and cook until soft ( texture to taste i like mine really squidgy but the less cooked the more vits retained )

add turkey back to the pan and then thicken ( i used gravy )

pour into a deep casserole dish

mash sweet pot , then scoop the squash out of its skin add to sweet pots with a knob of butter and some chopped coriander and put on top mince mix

grate on a small sprinkling of cheese (optional but it helps the top to crisp and go a little chewey for extra yummyness )

and oven til top goes crispy !!!!

enjoy ......let me know if anyone try’s this and what u think

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