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Enough lunch for 20mo DS?

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jenduck Thu 03-Jan-13 08:32:17

Thanks, I am suitably reassured!

I think what worried me was the fact that he went from eating tons, to eating comparatively little, especially at lunch. That said, he ate a good dinner last night (big bowl of pasta with 2 heaped spoons hm sauce & another yoghurt).

I recognise that I am lucky that he (& his brother) will eat virtually anything - so far will only not eat peas if not mixed in something, scrambled eggs & sandwiches (which I suspect is a phase). We have just always offered them a taste of what we're having & not stuck to 'kids' meals' (eg nuggets & chips!) & they have always been happy to try. It was the quantities here that were concerning me!

bamboostalks Wed 02-Jan-13 18:44:17

I would be ecstatic if my ds ate a diet as good as that.

Drladybird Wed 02-Jan-13 18:40:34

My 20 month old has also started to eat very little at one meal and then loads at another. I can't really work out why but figure that she knows how much to eat so am just going with it!

forevergreek Wed 02-Jan-13 14:56:27

Sounds plenty. Remember their stomach is only the size of their fist at maximum capacity.

jenduck Wed 02-Jan-13 14:52:43

Hi all,

Having gone through a human dustbin phase over Christmas (ate at least as much as 4yo DS1, sometimes more!), DS2, 20mo is now eating considerably less, especially at lunchtime. He seems to be teething again, so I think this is probably mainly to blame. I am just a typical worrying mummy, so does the following sound enough to you?

B - 1 weetabix, most of a medium banana, 2/3 beaker whole milk
S - 1/2 digestive biscuit
L - 1 cream cracker, slice cheddar, small slice ham, tiny slice corned beef (cherry tomato offered but not eaten). Fromage frais. Water.

Currently napping, but will offer grapes, maybe small choc for snack, then pasta with hidden veg sauce for dinner, maybe rice pudding for dessert or another yoghurt. Then full beaker milk at bedtime.

Yesterday was similar but ate no snack & no cracker for lunch. I have started trying crackers instead of sandwiches as he will not touch sandwiches atm (DH seems to think I should not give him crackers every day, though hmm)

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