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Is turkey STILL ok?

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IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Sat 29-Dec-12 13:47:58

cooked, refrigerated. Masses left and the carcass

insancerre Sat 29-Dec-12 13:54:26

3 days is the recommended timespan for keeping cooked food

Startail Sat 29-Dec-12 14:11:57

Turned into stir fry or curry I'd risk it.

Cold depends on how long it's been out the fringe.

I'm certainly going to use up Boxing Day chicken today or tomorrow.

I used to have cold roast pork in my school sandwiches and DMum often managed to make it stretch the whole week.

Never suffered any ill effects.

Toughasoldboots Sat 29-Dec-12 14:13:05

I have just chucked it all out today, felt that I had stretched health and safety far enough in my house. No scientific basis for that though.

ladyintheradiator Sat 29-Dec-12 14:14:50

We are using the last of ours in a curry today, so I'd say yes.

IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Sat 29-Dec-12 14:37:44

It's been chucked now. Have had dips and crisps, French toast and reduced mini M&S Christmas pudding with out of date brandy cream-yum!

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