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Cheese - Stilton

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Gnasha Sun 11-Jan-04 17:23:55

Does anyone know if it is OK for my 14 month old daugther to have Stilton/blue cheese???

SoupDragon Sun 11-Jan-04 17:33:39

My gut feeling is "no" but that may be because I, personally, have a phobia about the mouldy bits!

fisil Sun 11-Jan-04 18:23:15

My gut feeling is "no" because I want it if any is going spare! I don't know the proper answer, but I wouldn't give it to my son (1 today) just because I'm pretty sure he'd just spit it out. Olives too.

ponygirl Sun 11-Jan-04 18:35:17

My 11 month loves stilton but only has it cooked. My dh does lovely stilton and celery (or broccoli) soup which all three love and sometimes turns it into a sauce for pasta. It's a quick and tasty and easy one for everyone in our house! I wouldn't give it 'raw' though.

ponygirl Sun 11-Jan-04 18:35:41

He loves olives too!

prettycandles Mon 12-Jan-04 14:50:16

I don't give the children blue cheeses because they can be very salty.

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