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Toddler favourites!

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Bry Mon 10-Apr-06 15:49:25

Hi there, I am a mother of Annabelle (2) and proud owner of an organic baby food company, Goodness Knows. I set the company up to give mums a day off from cooking every now and again without the guilt! I remember having had a particularly bad night and not wanting to peel and puree but I couldn't find fresh organic purees in small quantities - just things like pear conserve (obviously not ideal!!!). Now that our range of organic baby puree's are being enjoyed by mums and babies alike I would love to create a really useful and healthy range for toddlers but want to develop something that mirrors what mums actually want. I would therefore welcome your feedback as to what your little one's favourite meals are and whether there is anything that you wish were commercially available and isn't?

mogwai Mon 10-Apr-06 22:49:13

fruit compotes with greek yoghurt, cauliflower cheese with cheesy toppings (ditto broccoli cheese).

Dishes with fresh fish especially cod.

Pasta dishes with the pasta already chopped up a bit.


Ho hum, I'll keep making it myself. Bloody sick of peeling and steaming though.

carol3 Mon 10-Apr-06 23:22:13

my 2 yr old loves roast dinners i always make extra on a sunday and freeze one for later in the week. She loves all combos but usually it chicken with carrots roast parsnip and roast potatoe or roast beef, roast veg and yorkshire pudding.

Monkeysmom Tue 11-Apr-06 08:46:53

My 2 yo DS likes: Spag. bolognese, casseroles with rice, chili con carne, roast dinners. For puddings he has yoghurt or fresh fruit.

schneebly Tue 11-Apr-06 08:49:11

cottage pie, cod with cheese sauce, mash and peas, macaroni cheese.

jimmy2 Tue 11-Apr-06 10:33:00

Will they be organic? How much will they be?

jimmy2 Tue 23-May-06 11:12:41

Bry, are you going to do a range of toddler food?

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