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This weeks meal plans

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whimsicalname Mon 03-Dec-12 17:46:30

I'm feeling uninspired, and need to use up the food in the fridge before going shopping later in the week. What are you all planning?

We're having:

Mon: Kids do an after school club, and come home late, tired and starving, so they're having eggy bread. DH and I are having a mushroomy quinoa thing.

Tues: DH on a work do. Boys and I will have chips (treat) them with chicken pieces and brocolli, I'll probably have egg and spinach

Weds: Butternut squash and sage risotto for everyone.

Thurs: DH on another work do. Boys and I will have spag bol.

Friday I will go shopping and hopefully we will eat some nice food over the weekend! I think that's the least exciting meal plan ever.

JiminyCricket Mon 03-Dec-12 17:56:29

We are meant to be having
Tonight - slow cooker chicken cacciatore (chicken/bacon/tomatoes) and rice
tues - baked potatoes and chilli
wed - chicken burgers new potatoes and veg
thurs - lentil dahl as me and DH have fallen in love with it and have it most weeks now - dds tolerate it
fri- got pizza bases and will add ham and pineapple and salad
sat - beef casserole and potatoes
sun - baked/roasted chicken breasts with stuffing and roasties and veg
Mon - thinking about pea and ham soup

trying to be cheap and cheerful at the moment...don't always have this much meat

Ruprekt Mon 03-Dec-12 17:57:18

Mon - Scampi or fish cakes, chips and mushy peas

Tue - Pasta and sauce

Wed - Eating out as a treat as DH is away

Thu - pizza and salad

Fri - Seabass and veggies

Sat - Prawn risotto

ScienceRocks Mon 03-Dec-12 18:04:21

Mine's a bit dull this week too:

Monday - chicken, mushroom and pea risotto (had roast yesterday so have stock and leftover chicken plus the heel of a Parmesan wedge to use up) with green salad

Tuesday - prawn stir fry (need to use half a pack of sprouting beans) with whole wheat noodles

Wednesday - Italian meatballs with spaghetti

Thursday - ham and leek pie with some veg (haven't decided what yet)

Friday - might do enchiladas as I have some roasted tomato sauce in the freezer that I made my mistake last week.

Saturday was veggie chilli, rice, homemade salsa and homemade guacamole

Sunday was veggie lasagne plus extra vege on the side

Today is cheese and leek pie with spiced peas

Tomorrow is stuffed peppers with garlic roasted potatoes and salad

Weds is asparagus or tomato tarts with new potatoes and steamed vege or salad

Thursday is probably a made from scratch (polishes halo) curry with bought naan

Friday we have family around for supper, so it will either be pasta arabiatta (or pesto for the children), garlic bread and salad OR baked potatoes with a choice of toppings / icecream for children and cake for adults

Saturday = takeaway or eating out

Sunday is chestnut and root vege pie with lots of vege

MrsGubbins Mon 03-Dec-12 18:45:45

Saturday - Red lentil Dahl with rice and yoghurt
Sunday - ratatouille with couscous and polenta muffins
Monday - tofu & veg stir fry with noodles
Tuesday - cheese & potato bake with tomato, spinach top
Wednesday - veggi burgers made with quorn mince and wedges
Thursday- veggi sausage & apple casserole with dumplings
Friday - DH will cook mujadera or falafel (his only 2 dishes!)

Chottie Mon 03-Dec-12 18:50:14

My goodness you are all so inventive

My meals are boring
Monday mackerel in tomato sauce with jacket sweet pots and salad
Tuesday -ditto-
Wednesday - veggie lasagne (microwave) as working late till 10.00pm
Thursday - mushroom omelette and salad
Friday - ditto to Monday
Saturday - baked fish with baked tomatoes, pots and veggies
Sunday - chicken breast with baked toms, pots and veggies

pregnantpause Mon 03-Dec-12 18:51:58

today- defrosted minestrone

Tuesday- root veg soup

Wednesday- chilli and rosemary polenta fingers

Thursday- roast chicken with sprouts, red cabbage, roast pots and roast carrots

Friday-stuffed cabbage leaves- lamb mince, pine nuts, harisa etc in blanced Savoy cabbage.

Saturday- pork red Thai curry

Sunday- tuna pasta bake

might mix up the days- but there you have itsmile

Mrs Gubbins - what is mujadera?

Catrin Mon 03-Dec-12 23:27:06

Have lost the will a bit with cooking at the moment, so mine is boring and depressingly similar to previous weeks..
Tonight - veg risotto
then for rest of week in no particular order -
- veg curry or dahl with rice
- pasta with gorgonzola and walnuts
- something from freezer (probably salmon) with new pots and veg
- home made pizza
- soup - either celery or butternut, need to use up both, tho clearly not together
- gnocchi

MrsGubbins Tue 04-Dec-12 03:18:48

mujadera is green lentils cooked with rice and served with crispy onions and yoghurt, sounds a strange combo but it's fab comfort food. It's a middle eastern staple.

mumbaisapphire Tue 04-Dec-12 03:23:33

Today was bacon,pea and spring onion penne with a swirl of leftover sour cream and salad.
Tuesday is steamed salmon with garlic and sesame oil pak choi.
Weds is cod on tomato and black olive sauce probably with cous cous.
Thursday will be chicken and green pepper tandoori skewers with naan breads and salad.
Friday will just a light supper as we've got Xmas work do's for lunch. So most likely scrambled egg or a cheese toastie.
I'll cook a lamb tag one at the weekend-nigellas one with pomegranate.

Allalonenow Tue 04-Dec-12 04:35:39

Mon. Steak and kidney pie
Tues. Chicken cooked with tomatoes peppers olives and orzo
Wed. Liver onion gravy and mash
Thur. Spaghetti Bol
Fri. Sea bass with lemons
Sat. Something quick, maybe spaghetti carbonara

Mrs Gubbins ~ please share your polenta muffin recipe, could be good for my GF grandson.

monsterchild Tue 04-Dec-12 04:47:34

Lots of baked apples this week. With nuts,with bacon, with veggies.
A have too many apples and I can't stand any more pie!

Sat was homemade chicken tikka with rice.
Sun was cottage pie.
Mon was homemade oven chips, sausages and beans.
Tues-spag bol.
Wed-pasta with bacon and cheese.
Thurs-chilli with rice.
Fri-Naan bread pizzas.

Boring and cheap!

multipoodles Tue 04-Dec-12 09:55:47

Mrs Gubbins, sorry to hijack thread but do you have a recipe for mujaddara? I found this one which looks lovely is it autentic? Do you use white or brown rice? Sorry for all the questions. smile

MrsGubbins Tue 04-Dec-12 12:32:35

multipoodles..... that looks close enough, DH uses white rice and leaves the onions in rings and cooks them until they're quite crispy. More onions the better. it's delicious!

Allalonenow... It's not a gf recipe, polenta just replaces some of the flour

1 cup milk whisked with 1 egg and 1/4 cup olive oil
mix 1 cup plain flour with 1/2 cup polenta and 2tsp baking powder
then I add cheese and small veggies (peas, spinach) and mix wet and dry together, enough for 12 muffins, in the oven for 20 mins at 200'c. They freeze well.

DewDr0p Tue 04-Dec-12 12:38:53

tonight - pasta pesto with broccoli peas and prawns
Wed - beans on toast for dcs/ spaghetti carbonara for grownups
Thurs - stir fry with noodles and salmon
Fri - curry
Sat - slow roast lamb shoulder with 3 root mash and greens
Sun - shepherd's pie made with leftover lamb + veg
Mon - puy lentil and bacon soup with bread

Allalonenow Tue 04-Dec-12 13:06:49

Mrs Gubbins ~ many thanks for taking the time to post the muffin recipe, I'll give that a try with some GF flour. I like the idea of mixing veg in, grated courgette might work well.

multipoodles Tue 04-Dec-12 14:07:05

Thank you Mrs Gubbins I'm going to give that a try as it looks delicious smile

MrsGubbins Tue 04-Dec-12 15:51:12

no problem at all, I love these threads for getting ideas so I'm glad something can be taken from my post.

Allalonenow have you tried courgette cake? I've done this one a few times to use up the insides when we've had stuffed courgettes or marrow... (another DH favourite)

cynnerthenaughtyreindeer Tue 04-Dec-12 15:57:12

MrsGubbins, thank you so much for that link! I am I'll in bed, but do not want to feed children takeaway again. Dh going out for long grained rice. My 14 dd should be able to make this for tea in an hour or so..sounds delist and healthy..

cynnerthenaughtyreindeer Tue 04-Dec-12 15:57:54

Errr..should have read I am ill in bed..damn you auto correct!

Hope you feel better soon, Cynner.

Thanks Mrs Gubbins - that sounds lovely. My dds both really like lentils so I will deffo try that.

Allalonenow Wed 05-Dec-12 04:41:31

I'll have a look at that cake Mrs Gubbins, on the veg / cake theme I like the sound of the HFW beetroot and chocolate cake!

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