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Monthly food celebration dinner

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multipoodles Thu 22-Nov-12 20:00:13

We've been without a dinning room for nearly three years and tomorrow it will be fully functional again. We love to eat in the dinning room, although at night we eat round the kitchen table but it's generally a much quicker affair, in the dining room we'll sit for ages eating, drinking, chatting etc.... so I've had an idea..

One day a month I'd like to have a dinner that celebrates a different culture (Indian, Chinese, Mexican etc) and just to make it fun I'd like it to be a celebration from that country the easy one will be USA Thanksgiving in November, UK Christmas will be taken care off too. So give me some ideas of celebrations, cultures and the months I can do them smile

I may be mad but I do like the idea smile

frootshoots Fri 23-Nov-12 10:50:35

Does it have to be just cultures? Can't it be special events too? For example..

January - Chinese New Year
February - Valentines day themed meal
March - Irish theme for St Patrick's day

Trills Fri 23-Nov-12 10:52:33

There's also Burns Night

BertieBotts Fri 23-Nov-12 11:42:09

Valentine's day could be French or Italian, that's what comes to mind when I think romance!

Or there's a French celebration in July although I can't remember the name.

multipoodles Fri 23-Nov-12 12:51:42

Ah Bastille day! French cuisine, that would be great!

We used to do a breakfast once a month on a Sunday morning for difference cultures, the kids loved that so thinking dinner would be so much better but I'm lost for ideas.

I'd like the day to mean something so each of us could find out a fact for that day and bring it to the table (sad I know, but we do like this sort of thing).


PinkyCheesy Sat 24-Nov-12 13:45:43

Jan - Burns Night - Scottishy things, read a poem or two, drink whisky

Feb - Chinese new year - homemade Chinese buffet - lantern/fireworks, find out about Chinese horoscopes

March - Passover - Jewish foods - watch 'Friday Night Dinner' on DVD grin

April - St George's Day - trad English food - Morris dancing, learn a madrigal?

May - US Memorial Day - BBQ food - think about other memorials you could be celebrating

June - summer solstice - picnic - learn about Wikkan/pagan traditions

July - Bastille Day - garlic peasant rustic pates and breads - learn some rude French songs!

Aug - Eid al Fitr/Ramadan - lovely Middle Eastern food

Sep - Ganesh Chaturthi - Indian food - dressing up, Bollywood theme

Oct - Canadian Thanksgiving - find out about how it differs from USA

Nov - Winter Lent - Eastern European/ Russian/ Orthodox Christians

Dec - Christmas - as celebrated in a different part of the world, eg Japan.

NettoSpookerstar Sat 24-Nov-12 15:03:25

Lovely ideas Pink, I might do all those.

multipoodles Sat 24-Nov-12 20:20:04

Thank you Pink I have made my decision smile Listed below, thank you for your suggestions of which I have used some.

January Scotland
Burns Night 25th January 2013
Dinner Thursday 24th January

February China
Chinese New Year 20th February 2013
Dinner Thursday 21st February

March Israel
Passover 26th March 2013
Dinner Thursday 28th March

April Japan
Showa Day 28th April 2013
Dinner Thursday 25th April

May Poland
Polish Constitution Day 3rd May 2013
Dinner Thursday 23rd May

June Sweden (excuse for Ikea food)
Summer Solstice 21st June 2013
Dinner 20th Thursday June

July France
Bastille Day 14th July 2013
Dinner Thursday 18th July

August Middle East
Eid al Fitr 8th August 2013
Dinner Thursday 22nd August

September Mexico
Independence Day 16th September 2013
Dinner Thursday 19th September

October Canada
Thanksgiving 14th Octber 2013
Dinner Thursday 17th October

November India
Diwali 3rd November 2013
Dinner Thursday 28th November

December UK (has to be UK kids would never forgive me if I didn't)
Christmas 25th December 2013
Dinner Wednesday 25th

Now I can start planning for January, traditional Burns night food and drink!

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