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christmas dinner for 19 is going to be....

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eragon Thu 22-Nov-12 13:10:43

Champagne for adults, lemonade/coke/ other fizz for young children.

Starters, served on platters.

a selection of
melon slices,
prawn cocktail with advocado
smoked salmon with brown bread and butter and lemon wedges.
Pate and crackers

Dinner. Red or white wine, (husbands job to sort out)
Roast turkey
chestnut stuffing.
sage and onion stuffing
sausages with bacon.
roast potatos, parsnips cooked in goose fat.
brussel sprouts, peas, carrots.
bread sauce, cranberry sauce.
gravy (stuffings/bread sauce and giblet stock gravy without a packet in sight.)

Sweet course dessert wine.
christmas pud (am not making that, )
with brandy, set alight etc.

christmas pud , nut free

warm homemade mince pies, dusted with icing sugar. (milk and nut free)
homemade brandy butter.

sherry trifle.
plain jelly and custard.
(also one serving of plain jelly and almond custard )

selection of creams. double/single/ booze etc

Port cheese and crackers.

baileys/tia maria etc

coffee , mints and after eight etc.(gaviscon/rennies!)

Table will have.....

green table cloth, red decorations/ red napkins. red candy cane with luggage label as place setting, with joke attached. Crackers, party poppers, blowers etc

am now planning boxing day, other side of family coming over and will be a birthday party for neice.

have i missed anything out in this meal plan?
what do you eat on christmas day with family?

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 22-Nov-12 16:09:00

I can't think there is anything you could have missed with all that lot! Personally I wouldn't bother with the starter. Surely you will need half the other adults helping you dish up the main course in the kitchen while starters are being consumed. Are you going to have room for all that food AND what you are going to be serving on Boxing Day? You must have an enormous fridge.

DameEnidsOrange Thu 22-Nov-12 16:12:55

Sounds divine

NoSoggyBottoms Thu 22-Nov-12 17:18:51

Room for 4 more? grin

Seriously though, sounds wonderful...although there is a lot for you to do. Hope you will be getting or offered some help!

I can't think of anything you have missed...tbh, if anything I'd say there's too much. But you know your guests and it's your Christmas. I get told that I do too much for four.

eragon Thu 22-Nov-12 17:36:07

Thanks i do get help with serving etc.

have to cater for a wide age range and 3 children with allergy concerns, so its tricky, and 2 VERY picky eaters. The rest feast away!

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