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Excellent Slow Cooker Book for newbies and dab hands alike.

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LadyAlex Mon 19-Nov-12 21:25:33

I bought this in WH Smiths at the weekend. It is fantastic. It uses normal, affordable ingredients from normal supermarkets/butchers/markets in laymans terms. There are only about 3 stages to each recipie and it covers soups, stews, tagines etc and even some desserts too.

The book also gives the traditional oven cook alternative method for every recipe, e.g in case you want it a bit quicker or the sc breaks down or you just don't like SC'ing.

It would be ideal for both newbies and existing SC users. The begining covers good cuts of meat to use, handy store cupbord ingredients and techniquies to improve the results if you so wish. (I didn't realise why sealing/browning meat is bennifical before SC'ing but I know now and I will try it a few times!) different types of dumplings inc' vegetarian ones (lower in fat too).

In WH Smiths the book was in 2 for £10 and I bought the covent garden 365 soups too which is also cracking.

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