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ElectricSoftParade Sun 18-Nov-12 19:03:28

It's my birthday next weekend and am having a smallish drinks binge party. I have got as far as a cheese board but am now so used to catering for childrens' parties my mind has gone blank about what to serve.

Am happy to use bought stuff but, as I say, I am drawing a blank. There will be approx 6 kids and 14 adults. Do you have an ideas for a simple but lovely nibbly spread? Or should I do a chilli or something like that? Many thanks ESP

I always say this on threads - if I have any sort of party I do a slow roasted joint if meat and sides. Eg, slow cooked shoulder of lamb shredded and served with salad, flatbread, dips, olives etc. Or pulled pork with soft rolls, salad, pickles and wedges. Minimal working it goes down really well. Just don't try to hand make the flatbread, I still have flashbacks to standing in my kitchen frantically rolling 50 flatbreads in my party dress!

I always think that a chilli r something like that is much less of a faff than a buffet and much cheaper too, if that matters.

I'd do a meat chilli and a veggie chilli, a bowl of rice, some guacamole, soured cream, grated cheese, a green salad and some tortilla chips, plus some mango salsa and some tomato salsa.

ElectricSoftParade Sun 18-Nov-12 19:31:42

Thank you, I quite fancy the shoulder of lamb. In fact, I could eat it now.

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