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Nibbles for a party - can I be bothered?

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Trills Sun 18-Nov-12 10:20:06

I have strict requirements:

Must be able to eat with one hand (other hand is holding booze)
No more than 2 bites per item (or else you get a bit bored)
Nothing that needs dipping or assembling (because you only have one hand and you want to be able to wander off, not stick by the dip)
No crumblyness (down cleavage)
No faffing required (because it's me who would be doing the faffing)

Shall I just stick to cheese stars, mini sausage rolls, party rings, crisps, sweeties in a bowl, etc?

Or do you have brilliant ideas?

This is for a housewarming party with adults with reasonably low expectations. Thy would go "ooh, sausage rolls" with a grin face because it's a bit nostalgic and a bit tasty and actually quite good for soaking up booze. Not "sausage rolls, are we five?" with a hmm face.

We have brewed a barrel of ale (it is nice, I'e checked) and will be making mulled wine.

Trills Sun 18-Nov-12 11:30:47

They are tasty but liable to drip oil everywhere.

nocluemum Fri 23-Nov-12 11:57:01

couple of bags of frozen cocktails sausages in a roasting tray with a jar of honey and mixed up. oven about 160c for about an hour. tricky bit is you need to go in every 10 mins or so to mix them round a bit or they burn or stick. I usually time them to be ready the exact time people are meant to arrive then chuck them in a bowl with tinfoil over the top. Cool down slowly and go all sticky. delish.

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