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Cake decorating issue - edible icing print ripped - how to fix it?

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I am making a cake for someone, I've made loads before, way more fancy than this. It should have been simple! A rectangular cake, fondant iced, with an A4 printed icing sheet stuck on top, then some final fiddling with the sides, nothing too difficult. The sodding icing sheet has ripped to shreds, and it's too late to order another as she's picking the cake up tomorrow.

Basically the whole A4 sheet tore off 3/4 of the way down as I was applying it. So 3/4 of it was stuck fast to the cake, but the rest tore off and left a horrifically ripped and stretched edge, couldn't be salvaged as I still couldn't get the rest off the backing sheet, it was just flaking off in bits. Complete nightmare!

Anyway I had another sheet with the same design on it so I stuck on the other sheet from the join downwards to cover the rest of the cake. I've tried to make it as neat as possible but you can quite clearly see the join right across the main bit of the cake and I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done with it to disguise it. Everything I've tried to do is making it worse. Is there anything I can do to blend the join in a bit?

vodkaanddietirnbru Thu 15-Nov-12 14:14:40

I always put the sheet with the icing print into the freezer for a couple of minutes before trying to remove the picture from the backing sheet (for the future, wont help this time!).

googling gives this info:
If you accidentally tear the icing - DON'T PANIC! Just rub very gently with a dry finger and it will merge back together and the tear will disappear after an hour or so.

Thanks, there was no way this could be smoothed over unfortunately, it was just ripped to shreds, not any kind of clean tear!

I ended up just disguising it as best I could, it was okay, ended up knocking off a fiver off the price because I wasn't happy with the crack across it.

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