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Lunch / snack ideas for nearly 3 y.o.?

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AngelDog Fri 09-Nov-12 21:55:22

I'm struggling. DS is 2.10, has allergies and is pretty fussy.

The main things he can't eat are:

Various fruits & veg
Toast (except with marmalade)

The main things he doesn't like are:

Sandwiches or wraps
Most veg
Some fruit

At the moment, snacks are oatcakes, cream crackers, cashew nut butter, homemade scones with dried apricots, occasionally fruit (if I can find something he'll eat).

Lunches are:

Crackers/oatcakes/sometimes bread (he doesn't like sandwiches)/corncakes & cashew nut butter,
Baked beans
Tuna mayo
Bits of leftover meat from dinner plus carbs as above.

Any ideas? I need quick and easy things and/or able to be made in bulk & frozen (I have a 3 week old so don't have much time for cooking!)

Rockchick1984 Sat 10-Nov-12 10:29:33

I think you can get egg free pasta, something like that or rice can be used as a good carb to go with things like bolognese, mild chilli / curry etc. Would he eat potatoes if you did a casserole, as they would be a very different texture? I think personally I'd be looking for ways to hide veg into his meals (have recently learnt that this is what my mum use to do for me) as I was very fussy although no allergies smile

AngelDog Sun 11-Nov-12 22:46:27

Thanks. I find it hard to hide veg as tomatoes irritate his eczema so things like bolognese are difficult. He's not keen on anything in a sauce - he'll pick the meat out but ignore the rest.

He does like chips hmm and will sometimes eat jacket potato, but more often won't.

We mostly eat casseroles, roasts or lumps of meat. Meals away from home eg lunch on a day out are hard work.

eslteacher Mon 12-Nov-12 08:30:21

That is a hard one. Maybe chicken gougon-y things, with some sort of dip like houmous or sweet chili? What about crabsticks? (I hate them but DSS, 7, loves them). If he likes tuna mayo could you try something similar with tinned salmon? Maybe Chinese rice noodles with bits of chopped up meat, cashews, soy sauce and whatever chopped up veg he will eat?

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