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I invited a few paople for my dh next saturday but i can't cook.please help...

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asianmum Thu 08-Nov-12 19:12:28

What are the easy food to prepare for adults and children. There will probably be 5 kids and 10 adults. I'm planning to serve buffet food and they'll just help themselves. It will be around 5pm. What type of food should I prepare considering that I'm not really a good cook. Are there ready to eat food out there I can order?

How about doing lots of jacket potatoes and then a selection of things to have with them:
big bowl grated cheese
some chopped red onion
maybe tuna and sweetcorn
a big bowl of salad

Or you could do jacket potatoes and a pan of chilli, plus bowls of cheese, salad, soured cream, guacamole, salsa maybe?

defineme Thu 08-Nov-12 19:21:58

If I had no time to prepare stuff I'd just heat up some quiches/sausage rolls/pizzas then cut them up and serve alongside crisps/dips/carrot sticks/cherry tomatoes/bag of salad;sliced french bread maybe some cold meats/coldslaw.I'd put dressing and butter out too.

Buy large frozen gateux for pudding and serve with defrosted bags of frozen forest fruits/cream

If you were thinking posher then smoked salmon or mezze like stuffed vine leaves/cream cheese stuffed peppers/pates -all can be bought.

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