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Pudding for bonfire party - help me not make apple pie again

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jammietart Mon 05-Nov-12 14:13:39

That's it really. Want a pudding for tonight. Mixed crowd of approx 16 people. Always do apple pie or bread and butter pudding but would like a change. Any ideas?

VivaLeBeaver Mon 05-Nov-12 14:22:33

Pumpkin pie?

Easy to do. Steam pumpkin, squish out the water and mash up.

Combine eggs, cream and sugar and spices. Heat up. Add to pumpkin purée. Put mix over a pastry base and bake.

amistillsexy Mon 05-Nov-12 14:23:48

Flapjack. Nice and tasty, no washing upgrin

Ruprekt Mon 05-Nov-12 14:24:35

Chocolate brownies and ice cream.


Cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and bright sprinkles.

Drladybird Mon 05-Nov-12 14:53:17

I second parkin or gingerbread.

What about baked apples. Very easy to prepare and then bung them in the oven. You could then get spend your time making homemade custard. Or if that is too apple related, what about a pear crumble. Also easy and very tasty.

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