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I need ideas. What do you put in your fish pie?

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JustFabulous Mon 05-Nov-12 11:19:31

I am out of sweetcorn which would normally go in. Have peas. Need more to make it more interesting.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 05-Nov-12 11:20:40

Bacon? Leeks?
Prawns? Salmon?

TequilaMockingMagpie Mon 05-Nov-12 11:20:42

Peas , spinach and a couple of boiled eggs , also parsley if I have it .

I love fish pie .

zgaze Mon 05-Nov-12 11:20:52

A hard boiled egg and carrots a la Jamie Oliver. Very tasty, I love his recipe.

TequilaMockingMagpie Mon 05-Nov-12 11:21:36

And always some smoked fish , it does make a difference .

moogalicious Mon 05-Nov-12 11:23:00

prawns, peas, smoked haddock, parsley

My friend uses cheese sauce instead of white.

HecatePhosphorus Mon 05-Nov-12 11:23:16

I use broccoli (and good quality cheese for the sauce)

I wouldn't use peas of sweetcorn in a fish pie - unless I was doing an end of the month 'bungit' grin

Or I do a salmon and lemon one. They're nice.

HecatePhosphorus Mon 05-Nov-12 11:23:34

or not of.

HecatePhosphorus Mon 05-Nov-12 11:24:11

x-post hmm do I know you, moog? grin

JustFabulous Mon 05-Nov-12 11:27:26

Bacon is brilliant but none in.

DS1 was vetoed eggs.

DD won't eat spinach.

I ammaking it with salmon and smoked haddock. Making parsely sauce now.

Why not peas or corn?

I will do broccoli on the side I think with carrots too.

Thanks all. Great ideas, especially the bacon. I have started adding that to my shepherd's pie but wouldn't have thought of it for fish pie but I know it will go down well with my kids.

TequilaMockingMagpie Mon 05-Nov-12 11:29:29

I would add peas , and leaks and Bacon sound good , I will try that next time .

3littlefrogs Mon 05-Nov-12 11:32:59

Salmon, haddock, smoked haddock, boiled eggs, mushrooms, prawns. I put grated cheese on top of the mashed potato and serve it with peas.

JustFabulous Mon 05-Nov-12 11:35:36

All made up ready for tonight.

Thanks all for the great ideas.

Blu Mon 05-Nov-12 11:36:40

I use thefrozen mixed white fish fillets in fish pie - cheaper and more sustainable than cod or haddock. And some smoked haddock or pollack for flavour, maybe salmon, and some prawns - again the 'value' frozen are fine for fish pie.

I don't like sweetcorn in things. Make the white sauce using white wine? Or cheese, and with a little grating of nutmeg?

HecatePhosphorus Mon 05-Nov-12 11:46:10

oh, no reason. I just don't do it cos I don't like it. grin

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 05-Nov-12 11:58:59

justfabulous- have you tried adding rinsed baked beans to shepherds pie?

A good filler, cheap, healthy, easy and tasty smile

jojane Mon 05-Nov-12 16:03:18

We put cherry tomatoes in ours

bruffin Mon 05-Nov-12 16:36:04

I do the Levi Roots one
Mixed fish and prawns
Make a white sauce, add coconut cream, spinach and lime juice
topping of sweet potato mash with some allspice.

JustFabulous Mon 05-Nov-12 16:50:55

I used to make shepherd's pie with baked beans for the people I worked for but would never do it as it is rank!

horsebiscuit Mon 05-Nov-12 16:58:30

I put in white fish, smoked yellow fish, salmon, prawns, lots of hard boiled eggs. To bulk it out broad beans are delicious. I just use them from frozen.

KnockKnockPenny Mon 05-Nov-12 19:29:12

I only put spinach in mine, use coconut juice, 3 kinds of fish & top with sweet potato. best fish pie ever!

SingingSands Mon 05-Nov-12 19:37:47

I put finely chopped red chilli in mine, gives it warmth. Yum... Fish pie... <drools>

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