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Ideas for informal 'supper' type meals for friends please

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Okay - need veggie idea to feed about eight people. Have already done curry night and lasgagne night. Don't want to do chilli night as have overloaded on veggie chilli lately.

Any more ideas please?

EdgarAllansPo Sun 04-Nov-12 20:24:30

risotto, either as a main dish or a tapas.
stuffed peppers/mushrooms/courgettes
couscous with a variety of chopped veg
plain rice, lemon & herb rice, onion & mushroom/sweet pepper rice
sweet potato dip or roasted chunks with other roasted root veg
celariac chips
roasted cherry tomatoes
crostini (sliced baguettes with a pizza style topping, make it as posh as you like with olives, capers, sun dried tomatoes or wild mushrooms, etc.)
little veggie kebabs on cocktail sticks (can use choice of tiny cocktail pickled onions, or fried spring onions, cheeses, tomatoes, sweet peppers, garlic mushrooms, chunks of marinated cooked courgettes)
mini quiches with brocolli and cheddar with garlic/spinach & goats cheese and toasted pine nuts or whatever Med ingredients you have not used in your other dishes. Can be made in advance and served hot or cold.

nothruroad Sun 04-Nov-12 21:00:43

What about raclette with lots of little boiled potatoes, pickes and some roasted vegetables?

MrsPnut Sun 04-Nov-12 21:06:17

Falafels, hummus, vegetable paella, patatas bravas, tortilla, cheese, olives, bread, oil, garlic mushrooms and big beans in tomato sauce would all be well received by OH for dinner.

Did Indian feast last time but that sort of thing is perfect because it can all easily be veggie and you can make lots of dishes without too much fuss.

Lots of great ideas here, thank you.

plantsitter Sun 04-Nov-12 21:14:27

Home-made pizzas
big vat cous-cous
falafel and pitta and yummy sides to go in pittas (like fried aubergine etc)
Arancini with various fillings

WildRumpus Sun 04-Nov-12 21:18:31

I did Moroccan for supper tonight - couscous with a mixed vegetable & chickpea tagine flavoured with cumin, cinnamon, smoked paprika etc. Very quick and easy and even my picky 3 year old cleared his plate. DH supplemented his with a lamb chop cooked on the griddle to get his meat fix.

soundevenfruity Sun 04-Nov-12 21:29:30

Risotto topped with prawns and mussels? Frozen are reasonable price. Especially in Eastern supermarkets.

Yum to tagine.

Fish no good - needs to be veggie.

chipmunch Sun 04-Nov-12 21:31:44

Do a nut roast (the christmas lunch for vegetarians) and all the trimmings.It's a classic

chipmunch Sun 04-Nov-12 21:32:12

bunny food

soundevenfruity Sun 04-Nov-12 21:36:08

It should have some sort of protein. If prawns are out then fry some halloumi.

MaureenLove Sun 04-Nov-12 21:37:59

Bet someone's said anti fucking pasti

So bloody expensive. And odd.

neontetra Sun 04-Nov-12 21:40:00

Greek dishes: baked feta in a parcel with tomatoes and herbs; fried aubergine and courgette slices; large beans in tomatoe sauce; aubergine dip; chillie cheese dip; hummus; stuffed peppers etc etc yum yum yum.

Or you could just do a quiche. God I love quiche.

Ooh yes to baked feta.

Antipasti does nothing for me tbh. Most of it is slimy, over salted, or just not terribly nice.

soundevenfruity Sun 04-Nov-12 21:51:57

Antipasti such as roasted and marinated peppers, stuffed olives, cured ham, salami etc are a better buy in small ethnic food shops like Turkish Food Centre. I would imagine ther are more difficult to find outside of big cities but generally this food is cheaper where people eat it all the time and not as pary food.

Flatbread Sun 04-Nov-12 21:57:45

If it were me, I woukd make one centre dish and some sides.

E.g., polenta with mushroom ragout served with sweet potato/potato mash and stuffed augerbines

Or a big goat cheese and blue cheese tart tatin (cut into slices) with a rocket and shallot salad and grilled vegetable kebabs

Or nut roast with potato dauphinoise and seasonal veggies

Or a Chinese stir fry medley -ma po tofu, Chinese greens, braised green beans and rice

Or Thai green curry with rice and papaya/mango salad and corn fritters

worm77daisy Mon 05-Nov-12 04:49:09

You can get membrillo in the tesco world foods bit and in marks and spencer.

jojane Mon 05-Nov-12 16:07:08

Cold meat and cheese platter with crusty rolls and olives etc
Couscous and a nice veggie tangine


Needs to be veggie and hot, rather than cold antipasti and meat etc.

Mexican a good idea but I've done if before and fancy something different. Not risotto - want to be able to prepare most of it in advance.

Still think Greek or Moroccan could be the way forward.

ethelb Mon 05-Nov-12 20:03:14

we are doing mezze for friends before we go out for her birthday. She has a rtoom booked in a nearby pub and we will get ready, grab some food and go out. Pretty informal?

DillyTante Mon 05-Nov-12 22:18:05

If you are doing picky food Sainsburys do some gorgeous butternut squash, sage & mozzarella rissotto balls. They are yummy and obviously you could make your own (but why bother when the sainsbo's ones are so yummy?!)

Thank you.

Don't want basic picky stuff (but will try those for myself at some point!).

Don't want a one dish meal and some sides.

I want a meal that involves a selection of hot dishes, all of which go well together, with some sides.

For example - for an Indian I'd do say a chickpea curry, a mushroom curry, a spinach dish, a paneer dish, rice, chutneys etc.

So for Moroccan it could maybe be: veggie tagine, cous cous, a carrot salad and ? and ? and ?

For Mexican it could be wraps with a couple of hot fillings (pepper and mushroom, refried beans??) plus guacamole, plus salad plus salsa plus ???

For Greek, it could be feta and spinach pie, plus Greek baked beans, plus Greek salad, plus hoummus plus?????

Any more ideas much appreciated - gosh I love reading about food! smile

RatherContrary Tue 06-Nov-12 20:01:20

What about Thai/asian inspired?

Eg Nigel Slater's thai chickpea curry recipe here, jasmine rice, stir fried asian greens (?bok choy or similar), perhaps a tofu/fish/meat dish?

You could also have various nibble type dishes first, not a thai one but great fun in a group is vietnamese rolls - rice paper circles with roast duck/ prawns / marinated tofu with a huge selection of chopped up veggies (cucumber, spring onion, iceberg lettuce, beansprouts, baby corn slices, HUGE piles of herbs - coriander/basil/mint - avocado slices, carrot slivers etc etc). Have bowls of hot water on table in which each person can soak their rice paper circles, then they pile in whatever they fancy from the bits, and roll and dip and eat. Dips could include hoisin sauce or a sweet/hot chilli and peanut sauce etc.

I also strongly support suggestions for the Ottolenghi recipes - 4-5 from any of the books as they usually work well together and are delicious.

EdgarAllansPo Tue 06-Nov-12 20:44:47

You can freeze risotto...I make them up with stock or wine, spring onions and sweet potato/butternut squash, spinach etc. then freeze. On the day I defrost in the fridge, then warm very gently, and then add the dairy (double cream & grated cheese of choice) and some fresh chopped herbs just before serving.

EdgarAllansPo Tue 06-Nov-12 21:13:24

Let's see how these links work...

So for Moroccan it could maybe be: veggie tagine, cous cous, a carrot salad and ? and ? and ?
*moroccan omlette* *briouats *aubergine side*

For Mexican it could be wraps with a couple of hot fillings (pepper and mushroom, refried beans??) plus guacamole, plus salad plus salsa plus ???
*Mexican Potatoes* *black bean chili* *quesadillas* *corn cakes* *huevos rancheros* *tamales* *individual casseroles* *fieos*

For Greek, it could be feta and spinach pie, plus Greek baked beans, plus Greek salad, plus hoummus plus?????

Eat your heart out! grin

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