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A quick slow cooker question?

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bodiddly Sun 28-Oct-12 18:29:02

I want to use my slow cooker tomorrow - beef casserole. Can I soften the onions and brown the beef tonight, add the rest of the ingredients then put them in the fridge for the night? I leave for work early and can't do it in the morning before I go.

Alternatively, can I do it without softening the onions and browning the meat?

foolonthehill Sun 28-Oct-12 20:30:50

You shouldn't part cook the beef...everything else could be pre- prepared.

Although browning does increase the depth of flavour, it is not necessary and you can put the beef in raw with all other flavour enhancers/veg etc. (Nice recipe on Good food website yesterday using cinnamon)

traditional slow cooking methods (eg tagine) use raw meat not browned

bodiddly Sun 28-Oct-12 20:35:05

Thank you. Will just throw it all in raw then!

GhostofMammaTJ Sun 28-Oct-12 21:29:16

I bung everything in as is. I never fry or part cook anything and it is still delicious when I come to eat it.

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