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What can I do with Oxtail in slow cooker???

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ShabbyChit Wed 24-Oct-12 10:06:21

DH bought 2 packs of Oxtail in the reduced section at the supermarket which have been in the freezer for a few weeks now.
Does anyone have any oxtail recipes that ideally can be done in the slow cooker?
I have never cooked it before so don't have a clue what to make with it!

thanks in advance

Ladyflip Sat 27-Oct-12 07:25:15

Coat the oxtail in seasoned flour and brown in a frying pan. Put in slow cooker. Brown casserole veg ie whatever you have got out of leeks, onions, celery, carrots, parsnip, turnip etc. Add some liquid, think I use a combination of beef stock and red wine. Cook in sc. It's lovely done in sc as the oxtail is a good cut for long slow cooking. I'm typing this on my phone but can get the full recipe later if you would like.

Snog Sat 27-Oct-12 10:55:07

oxtail stew recipe

this is one of my most favourite dishes on earth - but I can never find oxtail in any of my local supermarkets - which supermarket did you get it from?

Enjoy - I am envy

Ladyflip Sat 27-Oct-12 22:41:25

Yy to the dumplings! And make it a day ahead. Always tastes better. Mine is a clarissa dickson wright recipe I think.

ShabbyChit Tue 30-Oct-12 16:51:55

Oooh thanks might give it a go tomorrow so it's ready for when I get in from work!
Mmm dumplings, yes gotta have some of those.
I have got root veg to use up in the fridge so this definitely sounds like a plan!
Snog it was Morrisons, they usually sell Oxtail, but these were reduced to 50p a pack so this is going to turn out to be a cheap dinner! Thanks all xx

wheredidiputit Tue 30-Oct-12 18:44:43

My sister getting me some from Morrisons at the weekend for me as I can't get it from my supermarket.

I do it with carrots and onions. I always cook it the day before so I can put it in the fridge so I can remove all the fat.

Then following day I take meat of the bone as dh doesn't like eating meat of the bone. Then add more onion, carrots and peas and maybe some barley.

Snog Wed 31-Oct-12 21:08:09

Damn! No morrisons store near me

Enjoy the oxtail you lucky people!

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