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Christmas dinner cheats?

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stoo Mon 22-Oct-12 19:59:33

Hello everyone
I'm sure this will annoy many of you "Delia's" out there but I've had enough! Each year I make Xmas dinner for me, DH, DD (10), DS (7) & mum (too old to mention!). Mum always wants to help but gets in the way & I send her to entertain kids. DH helpful when he remembers. But having done this for so many years now I am fed up with spending all Xmas day in the kitchen.

What are your tips for an easy Xmas dinner?!We usually have a chicken (I'm veggie so turkeys too big), roast veggies (lots), veggie stuffing, roast potatoes, cabbage, sprouts& chestnuts & any other veg I fancy!
Thank you in advance. smile

Heavywheezing Mon 22-Oct-12 20:01:01

Get it from a supermarket and microwave. Easy or do less veg!

FizzyLaces Mon 22-Oct-12 20:01:20

M & S do loads of easy Christmas dinner dishes. My MIL bought loads of stuff when I was pregnant as I was hosting and a bit knackered. It was ace! smile

Taffraid Mon 22-Oct-12 20:04:42

Buy the faffy stuff that takes ages to make and tastes no better home made, eg

Bread Sauce ( M and S and Waitrose have very good versions )
Red cabbage ( ditto )
Stuffing - sometimes I make it but not sure why, the shop bought stuff is good if you choose wisely and by the time its all slathered in gravy......

DO NOT buy roast potatoes. You have to make them, and if poss, the gravy. They are cheats too far, IMO.

THE most important thing is to have a very good bottle of wine/Prosecco chained to the sink so no one can run off with it.

Pinner35 Mon 22-Oct-12 20:46:31

Peel and par boil the potatoes then freeze. On the day, tip them into a roasting tin and cook as normal. Ditto with parsnips.

Viperidae Mon 22-Oct-12 21:03:48

Agree buy as much as poss as others have said, as long as you buy good quality stuff it will be fine. My family prefer frozen sprouts and parsnips to fresh so I don't quibble.

Prepare anything else the day before. Carrots peeled, potatoes peeled and parboiled, etc. I always cook my turkey on Xmas Eve then carve it onto meat plate, cover in foil and warm in bottom of oven on Christmas Day.

I can honestly say it isn't stressful and I really enjoy Christmas

sashh Tue 23-Oct-12 06:43:29

Buy large disposable tin foil trays.

Make your roat potatoes now - cool and preeze in the tin foil tray - Xmas - just put the whole thing in from frozen.

Buy your veg reddy propped - they can be microwaved in the packet.

Stich the chicken in a slow cooker. If you want roast parsnips / crrots etc then cook them as for the potatoes and freeze in the tray.

Sorry you have to do gravy by hand.

So Xmas morning - put slow cooker on with chicken in.

30 - 45 mins before eating put the tin foil trays in the oven (throw tham after so less washing up)

10 mins before serving make gravy

5 mins before serving microwave veg

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