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I've been given a slowcooker and I haven't the foyyiest fuck what I can do with it

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notMarlene Sat 20-Oct-12 12:20:45

I've been given a slow cooker and I haven't the foggiest fuck what I can do with it.

notMarlene Sat 20-Oct-12 12:21:24

FFS was going to write an OP but just spell checking the title first hmm

sashh Sun 21-Oct-12 05:12:54

OK, there are loads of thrads with recipes.

But my alltime convert someone to a slow cooker is lamb.

Get a shulder (or half of lamb) stick it in the SC and leave for abouot 6 hours - you might need to pour some fat off part way through.

dancinginthemoonlight Sun 21-Oct-12 06:31:36

They are amazing!. You can do sol the usual recipes you would do on the hob such as bolognaise, stew, curry, soups, casseroles etc. I find meat is more flavoursome and tender done in the slow cooker and you can just leave out on low ask day so it is ready when you come home from work, days out etc. mine was invaluable when I had a newborn as I could throw a load of stuff in when he had his morning nap and had a yummy evening meal. You can do joints of meat in it too tho I have yet to try this

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