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milk intollerance??

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cloggs142 Fri 19-Oct-12 21:41:24

Hi all. My ds is 18months old. i bf him from birth up until just before 3 months when he has a reaction to it and couldnt keep anything down at all. then switched to formula on the health visitors advice. same story, ok for a few weeks then same reaction. was then put onto sma wysoy...and he was fine on this until 12months old.
tentatively tried him on cows milk and he took to it brilliantly. then same again, couple of months down the line he couldnt hold it down. now at 18months he throws up any milk, cows, soya goats. The strange thing is...he eats dairy all the time. he has milk in cooking alot and can even eat porridge!
im at my wits end with this as health professionals have brushed me off since he was born. He eats a good healthy diet and i know i can get calcium into him in other ways...but he wants milk like all his friends so badly, and more to the point id just like to know whats wrong??
sorry for rambling guys....but any comments views or advice would be greatly appreciatd!!! xx

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 19-Oct-12 22:05:32

I'd take him back to the GP and don't be fobbed off, you need to know if he has an intolerance and if he has I think you need to see a dietician. If its not an intolerance you need to know what is causing this. If its any help I was exactly the same and grew out of it.

cloggs142 Fri 19-Oct-12 22:22:44

thanks hun. i will do. i know i had to go on soya when i was tiny, but i think i just didnt like milk rather than it disagreeing with me! lol nice to know that soime people grow out of it though! will def take him back to the docs.....they dont really take many people that seriously here, so ill just keep trying!! smile x

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 19-Oct-12 22:27:30

Well I'm still nit really fond of drinking milk as it always made me vomit, not a good association but at least now I can eat milky puddings, have it in tea and on cereal.

sashh Sat 20-Oct-12 08:26:38

Sounds like lactose inteloerance. Most people who are lactose intolerant can eat cheese (the process of making it break down the lactose) and small amounts in cooking.

I'm exacctly the same - I've never had the tests because it seems a waste of time. I just don't drink milk but I do have cheese and will cook with milk.

You can also buy the enzimes to put on food, but I think I'd check with the GP before giving them to a child.

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