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Bacon lardons-what can I use them in for lunch?

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storminabuttercup Thu 18-Oct-12 10:46:13

Got a pack of bacon lardons that need using, I've got a decent store cupboard but little in the way of fresh, any ideas for a tasty lunch today?

Vajazzler Thu 18-Oct-12 10:48:54

I use them in omelettes and to make a creamy pasta dish with garlic and mushrooms and philadelphia.

Novia Thu 18-Oct-12 10:49:37

I love these - so quick and easy!

You could fry them with onions, garlic and olive oil and then add to pasta. Or fry them and then add to an omelette with cheese. You could even fry them up with some par-boiled then fried potatoes and onions to make a sort of hash. (Frying is a bit of a recurring theme!)

Also brilliant to add some depth to a bolognaise, stew or lasagne!

3nationsfamily Thu 18-Oct-12 10:53:56

Quiche, spaghetti carbonara, bacon and lentil soup.

Allalonenow Thu 18-Oct-12 10:54:22

Pasta Carbonara, quick and tasty.

storminabuttercup Thu 18-Oct-12 11:30:33

Yummy ideas.... grin


jenduck Sat 20-Oct-12 17:35:53

You've probably used them already, but next time consider Salade Lyonnaise. It is basically a green salad, with lardons & croutons in it & a poached egg on top. It is delicious!

storminabuttercup Sat 20-Oct-12 22:38:51

They are still in the fridge and now need binning


Bookmarking for next time!

Gimblinginthewabe Sat 20-Oct-12 22:40:03

lentil and bacon soup :-) mmmmmm

strictlycaballine Fri 26-Oct-12 14:08:26

loads of spinach and bacon salad recipes on line

makes very healthy lunch

basically fry bacon (which forms oil part of dressing, then add balsamic or red wine vinegar to complete)

good on it's own but can add all sorts of variations such as tiny boiled pots, avocado, mushrooms etc.

strictlycaballine Fri 26-Oct-12 14:09:21

got to wilt spinach in to cooked bacon and juices obviously ...

cook only briefly

some people add shallottes too

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