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What 3 course meal would you cook for your wedding anniversary?

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CookieRookie Tue 16-Oct-12 15:10:21

So it's our wedding anniversary today. Don't want to go out to eat. Dh is a much better cook than me but still don't want to go too crazy as we'd rather spend the time together than slaving over a hot stove. We're looking for a bit of inspiration.

So far we're thinking the following but would love some of your ideas before we set the menu in stone.

Starter: Oven baked prawns with a garlic butter and ciabatta.

Main: Beef fillet salad with rcket and goats cheese (Don't know what dressing though)

Dessert: No Idea.

Wine: Can't decide on white or red because it's prawn and beef. Don't like rose.

Any ideas?

Tia smile

CollectorOfCookbooks Tue 16-Oct-12 16:53:57

Oh congratulations!

Oven baked prawns sound delicious, and I was going to say beef for a main course. I'd keep it simple dressing-wise and perhaps do an olive oil / white wine vinegar / mustard one to pick up on the beef.

How about some fruit and cheese to finish, rather than dessert? With strawberries dipped in chocolate!

CookieRookie Tue 16-Oct-12 17:43:02

Perfect! That's the dressing we're going to use.

After seeing all the ingredients we had decided no big dessert, cheese and fruit board for later sounds perfect rather than a heavy pudding.

Thanks so much smile

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