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Wedding menu Vegan alternative..

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multipoodles Mon 15-Oct-12 08:30:39

It's a long time since I've been to a wedding and never as a vegan, I'm going to a wedding in December and the bride has asked me for suggestions for a vegan meal. I don't want to be any trouble to her or the hotel, but I will need to give her some suggestions. If you are vegan can you give me some idea of what you've been offered at weddings? Thank you smile

Drladybird Mon 15-Oct-12 08:45:29

We had a vegetarian wedding breakfast but I think the main part of the course was actually vegan- it was a strudel with roast vegetables and pinenuts. So long as you can get vegan pastry, something like a pie type thing could work nicely and go well with the other trimmings?

sashh Mon 15-Oct-12 08:54:19


Soup - any veg tie made with vegi stock or fil stuffed with mushrooms

Main - have the same veg as everyone else maybe with a quorn dish

Pudding - flapjacks

AKissIsNotAContract Mon 15-Oct-12 08:55:30

Quorn isn't vegan.

poppy283 Mon 15-Oct-12 08:58:02

Google food for friends, they are a Brighton-based vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options, all quite special and delicious. They also have a recipe book if needed!

pinkyredrose Mon 15-Oct-12 09:03:49

The restaurant is Terre a Terre. It's fantastic!

pinkyredrose Mon 15-Oct-12 09:05:35

Sorry posted too soon. I meant another veggie/vegan restaurant in Brighton is Terre a Terre. Very imaginative food, great for ideas.

lottiegarbanzo Mon 15-Oct-12 09:14:39

Their caterer should be able to do this at the drop of a hat, if they're using one. They have to be able to cope with every variation of dietary requirement. We were invited to a wedding breakfast the day before, an 'upgrade' from evening only as someone had dropped out, and, as the only vegan, there was not only dinner but vegan canapés. It wasn't grand, just using competent caterers.

Anyway, the strudel idea is good, stuffed squash or other vegetables, with tomato sauce, can taste good, look pretty and is easy to assemble, I've eaten both at weddings.

lottiegarbanzo Mon 15-Oct-12 09:33:23

The other thing I've had was a 'vegetable lasagne', really a polenta and vegetable terrine. Looked pretty, quite simple really.

Tarts are easy enough too, lots of frozen pastry is vegan, so no trouble throwing something pastry-based together.

It needs to be something that can be made in advance, heated up and a single portion looks nice on the plate.

Check that they've thought about the accompanying veg, which often comes slathered in butter, or give you your own unbuttered portion.

multipoodles Mon 15-Oct-12 09:47:30

Lottie thats exactly what I hoped to hear, that the cater will be able to do this at a drop of a hat. All suggestions look good, and while I will make some suggestions I will ask what they can offer me first as I don't want to be a pain demanding specific food. I don't make a big fuss about my food, I know from a menu what I can eat and may ask for reasurrance that it's suitable for vegans but I can't read off a menu for this one.

VeganBody Mon 15-Oct-12 12:57:35

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sammyscookies Fri 19-Apr-13 16:18:45

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sweetiesue Fri 19-Apr-13 20:41:08

Attended a wedding last summer where the whole menu was vegan (inc the evening buffet).
We had the following
On table - bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Starter - spicy tomato and pepper soup
Main - pasta dish with roasted veg, "pesto"
Sweet - dark choc and orange tart

Buffet - "sausage rolls", open sandwiches, "pizza"

Cake - assorted vegan cupcakes

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