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Ocado Delivers Bag of Urine

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noidsleft Thu 11-Oct-12 23:45:35

How should I take my complaint forward? A day ago I emailed my complaint to Ocado and they have not bothered to reply. Our last delivery started by the driver removing our bags of food from the back of the van. He then looked about, lent into the van and removed a bag of liquid which he threw down the side of our house. It landed in the middle of the pavment, he walked towards it and kicked it against the side of our house, where it slowly seeped urine down the pavement. This gentleman, has allegedly (I think that's what I need to add here) used the back of the Ocado van for his own private toilet, used an Ocado bag as a urinal (not what I thought we were returning the bags for)and nothing as soap water and a sink. Then handed over the shopping for my family. I have very good CCTV of all this, should I put it on You Tube and forward the link to Ocado and see if they reply, then?

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 11-Oct-12 23:49:06

You're joking, right?

CelineMcBean Thu 11-Oct-12 23:50:23


lisad123 Thu 11-Oct-12 23:51:40

I would email them again, explain you have CCTV and if you don't receive response by xx then you will assume they are ok with it being on utube!!

lisad123 Thu 11-Oct-12 23:51:55

I bet she's not joking!

NewNames Thu 11-Oct-12 23:52:33

....the fuck?

Solo Thu 11-Oct-12 23:53:45


essexmumma Thu 11-Oct-12 23:53:52

Hmm you should get free shopping for a year for this!! If true.

showtunesgirl Fri 12-Oct-12 00:01:34

WTF?! That's bloody Press worthy!

My Ocado men are always REALLY nice!

CelineMcBean Fri 12-Oct-12 00:04:08

Am I the only person to click the thread wondering what the hell was the substitution?

Op why did you not say anything to him if you saw him do it?

HardHittingLeafletCampaign Fri 12-Oct-12 00:06:00

You didn't order peas did you? They're terrible for substitutions,

FannyFifer Fri 12-Oct-12 00:07:53

How did u capture the moment on CCTV?

FannyFifer Fri 12-Oct-12 00:08:48

Would it not have been something burst in a bag like apple juice maybe?

noidsleft Fri 12-Oct-12 00:09:08

I saw the bag after the delivery and went to pick it up using a doggy bag as a glove thinking it was someones dog doo. But it was full of liquid and smelt of urine which was dripping out. Thats what made me look at the cctv to see where it had come from.

noidsleft Fri 12-Oct-12 00:10:47

I have 24 hour recorded cctv, 12 cameras, and no I didn't order peas.

Solo Fri 12-Oct-12 00:12:01

12 cameras?! shock

HoneyDragon Fri 12-Oct-12 00:12:12

I bet it wasn't Jesus in his cabbage van.

Do you get texts op. gives the name of driver too for youtube your complaint.

lisad123 Fri 12-Oct-12 00:12:53

Maybe she has a large house grin

NewNames Fri 12-Oct-12 00:13:23

Can we see the vid. I want a nosey at your gaff - must be nice for 12 cameras.

Nagoo Fri 12-Oct-12 00:14:41

Blatant placemarking smile

BettySuarez Fri 12-Oct-12 00:16:50

Good grief - have they responded?

HoneyDragon Fri 12-Oct-12 00:17:29

Yup, nevermind poor ops bag of piss. Straight to property porn.

Op do Ocado know you have proof? If so they must be mad to ignore you.

TerrorNotSoFrightened Fri 12-Oct-12 00:17:41

honeydragon I was going to ask if it was Jesus in his cabbage van grin

Firewall Fri 12-Oct-12 00:17:48

Oh my! I would definitely be giving their head office a ring. Then how about YouTube, watch dog... Environmental health!
I would be interested to see what their response is!

hhhhhhh Fri 12-Oct-12 00:17:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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