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Can anyone suggest some snacks to boost energy levels?

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TheArtisticSlattern Wed 10-Oct-12 14:54:35

I am feeling quite tired but need some energy to keep going till dinner time, any ideas?

I thought of banana or Marmite sandwich.

needs to be something quick as I have to go out soon.

TheArtisticSlattern Wed 10-Oct-12 14:55:26


SpottyTeacakes Wed 10-Oct-12 14:56:49

Cheese and marmite sandwich? Yum.

Drladybird Wed 10-Oct-12 15:02:26

Dried apricots!

Folicacid Wed 10-Oct-12 15:06:31

Peanut butter on oatcakes.

IdaBlankenship Thu 11-Oct-12 19:38:29

The current Goop newsletter has just those sorts of recipes (I have a total unashamed girl crush on Gwynnie). The recipes look pretty good, you can see them here:

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