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Dinners just for you and a small dc

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ComradeJing Mon 08-Oct-12 09:05:49

I'm SURE there are already threads about this but I'm lazy and pregnant.

I have a toddler dd and I'm about 34weeks pg too. DH travels a lot and I need some good ideas for dinners when it's just dd and I. Nothing fancy or a big fuss to cook. Quite happy to bung stuff in the oven but I don't want to spend ages chopping and stirring and sautéing.

We usually have something bread based for lunch (sandwiches, eggs on toast, beans on toast, soup and bread etc) so I'd rather avoid bread at dinner too.

I'm planning on stocking the freezer but we've just moved and I haven't gotten on to it yet.

forevergreek Mon 08-Oct-12 14:14:49

Veggie couscous and tazaki here

Chop/ buy pre chopped roast able veg ( most things)
favourites are red onion, tomato, courgette, carrot, parsnip etc
Throw in a dish in oven with olive oil for 45 mins. When it's done cook some couscous ( just add hot water to bowl) and thrown in some peas. Mix.
Add taziki on the side if you like ( Greek yogurt/ mint/ cucumber and garlic)

It stays good in the fridge for a good few days so you can easily make more and have for lunch also or over several days.

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