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if you were invited for Afternoon Tea, what would you most like to eat?

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CharlotteBronteSaurus Wed 03-Oct-12 21:35:07

Am doing a party for DD2's birthday. She will be 2, has no concept of "birthday", and will have fun regardless as long as there's enough cake and fawning relatives. So the Afternoon Tea is for the adult guests, not a children's party as such.

flybynight Wed 03-Oct-12 21:41:22

Finger sandwiches, and maybe a tiny savoury tartlet or two. Scones, with cream and jam. And dainty little cakes. That is what I would like to eat any time, but particularly for afternoon tea.

PurplePidjin Wed 03-Oct-12 21:49:07

Cold meats, selection of cheeses, crusty fresh bread, mezze and tapas type nibbles, raw veggies with dips, plenty of wine.

nemno Wed 03-Oct-12 21:53:06

Yup, tea to drink, tiny sandwiches and scones with jam and cream (clotted would be lovely) for me too please.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Wed 03-Oct-12 21:56:37

"Plenty of wine" was as far as I'd got, Purple

thereistheball Thu 04-Oct-12 05:30:34

Sandwiches: cucumber on white bread with salted butter; marmite creamed with butter so it can be spread onto bread not toast; Egg mayonnaise on brown (be sparing with the mayo, add cress if you like).

Scones, cream and jam.

Cake: the birthday cake probably.

Lots of tea (Earl Grey is nice in the afternoon) and sparkling wine.

Lots of tea

thereistheball Thu 04-Oct-12 05:31:07

Sorry about repetition - on phone

ripsishere Thu 04-Oct-12 05:37:16

Anything. I'm bloody starving now. All I've got for my afternoon tea is a packet of salted peanuts. <must go shopping>

PurplePidjin Thu 04-Oct-12 07:43:03

Sounds like you'll be fine then wink

ripsishere Thu 04-Oct-12 08:05:06

Can I vote for thinly sliced roast beef with wholesale bread and a smear of horseradish? or chicken tikka wraps?

ripsishere Thu 04-Oct-12 08:05:22

WTAF is wholesale bread. I mean wholemeal

Hopeforever Thu 04-Oct-12 08:07:10

Thereistheball, please can I come to one of your tea parties, your menu sounds fantastic?

NormanTheForeman Thu 04-Oct-12 08:07:31

Cucumber sandwiches, nice cakes, cups of tea and sparkling wine. smile

ripsishere Thu 04-Oct-12 08:14:21

Elderflower cordial with sparkling water is just gorgeous.

Alcohol that isn't white wine (Pimms?)
Nice soft drinks, eg elderflower cordial
Tea (I prefer regular to Earl grey etc)
Selection of sandwiches, savouries
Small cakes, eg fairy cakes, lemon drizzle, maybe meringues

1stbabyat30 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:26:47

Oh my Lord - I LOVE this subject.
Could you get some of those tiered cake things they use at posh places for high tea? I think you can get cardboard ones from Hobby Craft or the like.
I would have:
Sandwiches cut into quarter little triangles (perhaps crusts taken off for extra special-ness) with just cucumber and butter/ cooked salmon and cucumber/ Ham and tomato/ smoked salmon and Philadelphia/ brie and chutney/ Beef and Horseradish/ Pork and apple/ really good Quality cheddar etc. That would be the savoury bit.
Then for the sweet - scones with proper clotted cream and jam/ french fancies/ Tarts/ Posh Cupcakes/ Macaroons/ Viennese Swirls etc.
I would have proper tea / Irish coffees and champagne (prosecco or sparkling wine really).
All the references to alcohol are because I am pregnant and dreaming of the above. Apologies.
If I came to a party like that I would LOVE it.

1stbabyat30 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:27:48

ooh yes - love that suggestion of Pimms - full to the brim with cucumbers and strawberries and mint. Good idea.

thereistheball Thu 04-Oct-12 08:29:54

The point of afternoon tea is the Englishness. So no to chicken tikka wraps, mezze, tapas and dips <gavel>

(the only exception to this is sparkling wine, though I would go for English there too if possible)

susiegrapevine Thu 04-Oct-12 08:38:18

Scones jam and clotted cream are a must!! And little sandwiches whatever you like. Then homemade fruit cake and the birthday cake will be sponge you could do some jam tarts yum yum. Homemade is best for all of these but obviously buy in if you don't have time. This is a fab idea for a party I love it!

susiegrapevine Thu 04-Oct-12 08:39:00

Oh and you can get english sparling but its very expensive.

Oh yum! Tiny sandwiches as suggested by 1stbaby ^.

Tiny macaroons. Little scones with strawberry jam and cream. Heavy linen napkins. And lots of tea and sparkling wine.

That would be a lovely party.

Pascha Thu 04-Oct-12 08:46:30

We did pizza for DS's first birthday. Easy to bung in the oven. Sandwiches are ok but you have to actually make them and then they go hard.

baskingseals Thu 04-Oct-12 08:50:55

french fancies are a must.

also doilies. and a teapot with a tea-strainer. perhaps a few butter sodden crumpet.

mismatching china cups and plates. little bunches of flowers in egg cups.

and yes to cucumber sandwiches crusts off.

frenchfancy Thu 04-Oct-12 08:55:42

French Fancies are indeed a must (can I come? wink )

I personally wouldn't bother with scones if you are having little cakes. I always find myself too full after a scone to eat the cakes.

Little quiches are nice. As are sausage rolls.

I would prefer fewer cakes but home made, rather than a big selection of shop bought. Don't need to be fancy, just fairy cakes, jam tarts etc.

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