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camomile tea for 6-month-old?

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moominmama86 Sat 27-Dec-03 15:24:38

My hv has recommended that I give ds camomile tea (cooled, of course!) to help relax him as part of his bedtime routine. I'm a bit unsure although she assures me it would be fine. She also said I should drink it before bfing...anyone else do this - I'd never heard of giving babies herbal teas?

suzywong Sat 27-Dec-03 15:32:42

apparently fennel tea is standard for babies in Switzerland and parts of germany to alleviate wind, so it can be done. However if you don't feel comfortable with the idea or if administering it to you baby is going to be tricky then don't bother, you don't want to get stressed.

Personally I think you taking it is enough, and there are other things you can do to wind down at bedtime, Iullabies, night-lights, just lots of stroking and kissing and soothing sounds.

Good luck

LIZS Sat 27-Dec-03 16:14:30

Yup Suzywong is right - you can buy both over here in Milupa granules for feeding to babies (think they also contain sugar though). Not sure what properties Camomile is supposed to have but you can also find Johnsons'Baths containing it. Worth giving it a try for both you and the baby if you think it will be of benefit, but you don't say what the problem might be, if any, which has provoked the comment. If you have successfully bfed so far and your ds settles well not sure I would see the point.

Chandra Sat 27-Dec-03 17:10:10

Camomille tea is an institution for treating baby problems in Latin America. You use it to clear eye infections (with a cotton of course), to ease colic, to calm a stressed baby, a little drop in his nostrils help to clear a stuffed nose, and the list goes on forever... Very soft tough, the only thing that you may be concerned about is to take care that the tea bags are fresh and clean (old ones don't work) And is commonly used during the first month.

moominmama86 Sat 27-Dec-03 17:55:46

Thanks everyone. The reason it was suggested in the first place was simply that ds is a rather excitable young man and hv thought it might help him to wind down a bit in general and maybe contribute to a better night's sleep.

I'm not sure it would really have very much effect but I guess there's no harm in trying it after all you've said. Of course, getting him to drink out of a bottle/cup in the first place is going to be fun...!

nutcracker Sat 27-Dec-03 19:16:49

God knows why but i've never thought of giving camomile tea to any of mine. I think i'll try it though.

boyandgirl Fri 02-Jan-04 12:00:15

Both of mine had fennel tea from very early on for wind (got the idea off Mumsnet). The first non-milk drink that I ds would accept was chamomile tea.

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