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Pressure cooker recipes

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clemetteattlee Thu 27-Sep-12 20:40:38

Does anyone have any really good ones? Or could recommend a good recipe book? I am in love with my pressure cooker smile

Japple Fri 28-Sep-12 14:36:07

This is about the Frozen Chicken pieces people buy.Most of the time,we are told
to pop it into the oven,which results in Hard,crispy chicken that is dry and hurts
your teeth.We discovered a way to make it really tender and tasty by using a
pressure cooker."Pam" the pressure cooker,the Rack.Layer a few chunks of onion on the bottom,lightly oil the "frozen chicken" pieces.Sprinkle a bit of pap-
rika,salt and pepper on the pieces.Toss in about a 2 cups of water for a 4.2 quart,or 3 cups for a 6/8 quart cooker.Add 4-5 Tablespoons of veg oil around.
Seal the cooker.Set the "nose" for 10 PSI.Set on High flame til the "nose" rocks
properly,(lower the flame a pinch if the nose "spins"). Cook about 12 minutes.
Cool on a trivet for 6 minutes.Run your water in the sink over the entire cooker.
In about 2-3 minutes it is ready to serve...remember,when cleaning the cooker,
let it Cool Completely,then soak for awhile in tepid water,before scrubbing very
Gently with a softer plastic scrubber (inside).Never store the rubber gasket in
side the lid with the lid on,you will ruin it.Just toss the gasket inside the cooker.
Good luck,any questions or problems with your cooker,give me a "Hollar".Jill.

clemetteattlee Sat 29-Sep-12 22:22:00

Blimey, thank you although that sounds very involved! I think we must A&E a different type of pressure cooker as mine is one of the very new ones with a high and low pressure setting.
Will give it a go though...

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