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ATKINS or Weight Watchers ......

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crystaltips Sat 27-Dec-03 09:45:23

Which one would you reccommend .... and why.....

Which is the easiest ?

lyndsey66 Sat 27-Dec-03 12:19:12

I did the Atkins for 2 weeks. It was great at first. I stuck to it religiously. But after two weeks I was so sick of it I was almost gagging everytime I ate. I did lose 10lbs in 2 weeks - so I reckon if you are not that over weight (and love meat) then it is a good diet. But I needed something that I can sustain over time - which is why I think weigh watchers is better.
You can eat anything in moderation and it is a good healthy range. Can I add that when BBC did Diet Trial the person who lost the most weight did the Rosemary Conelly diet!
I hope this helps

melsy Sat 27-Dec-03 12:36:36

For a diet to be successful I think u need to be able to eat ALL food groups , otherwise u just crave the very thing u cannot eat , and therefore will be more likely to give up. I tried it for a couple of weeks found it ni impossible to know what to eat and gave up and stuffed myself with pasta and such like!!! So it also needs to be sustainable for a couple of months. Loosing weight to rapidly means u r more likely to put it on quickly. So the atkins rapid weight loss will NOT stay off unless u stay on the diet permanently.

Also it is not good for the body to not have carbs a la atkins. Atleast with weight watchers I can still eat crisps & cake !!!!

chloeb2002 Sat 27-Dec-03 20:23:48

Just to add a bit of a different perspective ive tried rosemary and ww and atkins post baby birth having gained 3 stone and never been a thin gal at the best of times! For me atkins works but its not easy and involves a really sensible attitude. I found that on ww i was alway hungry that rosemary was fine as long as i bought her mag paid for the classes every week and examined everuy package. To add a point i lost two stone of the 3 i gained and have only put on 3lbs following its end over 8 months ago. On atkins it best to try and think of good and bad carbs, the very low carb spate should only ever last 2 weeks! this is wher i think alot of people get unstuck. I have always eaten veg, but not carrots! and fruit after the 2nd week but tried to avoid too much citrus or bananas. in the first two weeks i eat as much veg and salad as i want. this isnt truely what atkins would say and i guess it just depend on your personal choice? take multi vits, eat as much fish, meat, chees and eggs as i want. no milk but cream for sauces are fine. in moderation. any herbs spices garlic onions etc. at the end of the day it really is what suits you. as long as you want to lose the weight and learn to reform your eating habits that is what matters. for me the good thing about atkins is it doesnt allow so called 'sins' and no points so you simply dont eat refined sugars and starches. i guess i just need that kind of restriction. it is hard work but any succsesfull diet is eh????

eidsvold Sat 27-Dec-03 21:53:44

i am doing ww and am steadily losing the weight - ( even with the odd hiccup along the way but I don't worry just get back to sensible eating the next day.) found ww works as I can have all foods in moderation and some are fine for lots of them.... and it works with dh and I. I don't need to think about different meals for both of us.

As an aside - a colleague is on atkins and his breath is potent - in fact I find it very difficult to speak with him...... and this is down to the atkins... so if you are picky about bad breath - might be one to avoid......

Paula71 Sat 27-Dec-03 22:16:02

I am doing Scottish Slimmers and if I stick to the plan I loose weight. Simple as that and for the long term a healthy eating plan it would be better to go to Weight Watchers (a similar idea to Scottish Slimmers.)

Plus if you do Atkins then people will smell you before they see you!

jacksmumto1 Sat 27-Dec-03 22:26:00

Had to add a message here re: atkins! I do this and have found it quite easy - I don't crave bread/potatoes/pasta and don't feel hungry. We DO eat carbs - carbs are found in vegetables - it is a low-carb diet not a no-carb diet, what we do is cut out processed carbs such as bread/pasta/biscuits/processed food and vegetables that are high in starch (potatoe's, bananas). Vegetables such as broccoli, mushrooms (and many more) are eaten.

I have found this diet easy to fit into family eating ( so add pots/rice) to their portions plus makes sure they don't eat too much processed food! Haven't had a problem with smell (ketone breakdown) as I make sure I drink a lot of water and haven't felt sick of the diet.

What I recommend is you get the book and read it from start to finish so you fully understand what the theory is and howto do it. Then have a look at for lots of useful help and advice!!!

By the way I have lost a stone and have just a few more pounds to go!!

hope this makes the diet a little clearer

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