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faylou Wed 26-Sep-12 11:20:36

Hi, my 3 year old has just been diagnosed with secondary lactose intolerance following gastronteritis in January.
I need advice on lactose free snacks (ie the unhealthy treats! biscuits, cakes his childminder can give him) and if anyone knows of a lactose free probiotic juice/food? Probiotics should hopefully over time help his system to recover and be able to tolerate lactose again. I've found the supplments but don;t think he'll take them and know of goodbelly juice but this only seems to be available in the US?
Any advice or suggestions appreciated as really want to help him now get back on track after 10 months of undiagnosed diarrhaoe and tummy upsets!

multipoodles Wed 26-Sep-12 15:30:41

To be honest I would be avoiding all dairy products and let his gut recover naturally, and not assuming you will be able to go back to diary. The majority of the world's population are lactose intolorant (don't quote me but I think around 60%) As babies we are able to digest milk but naturally we lose the ablity and in some of us we never are able to digest it, he may be like that. Tesco and all the major supermarkets sell Free from range, there will be biscuits that are dairy free, nearly sure I saw shortbread yesterday. I got some diary free chocolate drops yesterday and they were lovely. You can bake your own cakes without dairy and freeze for childminder. Tesco plain mini bread sticks have no milk, but there is milk in nearly everything a supermarket sell sad I am sure somebody else must have children going through the same and will be of more help.

I find looking at all the free from range online checking the ingredients then shopping makes for less hassle than trying to read labels when you are there. Sorry can't help with the probiotics.

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