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Have to give up dairy - recipe ideas

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redmayneslips Sat 22-Sep-12 17:53:40

Hi there,
I have to come off dairy for a while and am just wondering if any of you are already following a dairy free diet? What kinds of things do you have for breakfast etc. I am not overly concerned about dinners as I can readily think of many dishes that do not have dairy (I will miss parmesan dreadfully though!) but am worried about lunch etc.

Also are any of the other milks (rice / soya etc) any good in tea / coffee? I will also miss my one very nice coffee with hot milk in the mornings.

Please reassure me it is do-able...!


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 22-Sep-12 17:59:29

The easiest thing to do is just replace dairy with vegan alternatives.

Milk - alpro light/alpro almond milk are nice, they taste different between brands so try them all to find one you like.

Cheese - vegusto piquant cheese tastes jyst like a nature Cheddar.

Mayo - plamil garlic mayo is nice

In baking there are various egg replaced you can use.

If you are going properly dairy free watch out for whey, it in loads of things.

The free from areas in supermarkets usually have some dairy free, and Holland and Barrett is pretty good for dairy/free vegan stuff.

redmayneslips Sat 22-Sep-12 18:06:44

Thanks so much for that, I hadn't even considered whey...hadn't got beyond cheese, milk and butter etc.....

MrsHuxtable Sat 22-Sep-12 19:13:57

Oh, I'm goig dairy-free as well. I've been vegetarian for years and am now going vegan.

I've tried soya, rice, oat, coconut and almond milk and liked almond milk by far the best. It's also quite pleasant in tea. Soya milk was ok in tea too but I found it curdled a bit.

So for breakfast I now have either toast with peanut butter and a banana or porridge/cold overnight oats with almond milk and some sort of fruit.

My lunches haven't changed. They were dairy-free anyway. I have a bowl of homemade veggie soup with a side of hummus of some sort, either a wrap with carrot and hummus, rocket and hummus, roasted veg and hummus or simply a slice of bread with hummus.

My dinners also don't need to change much. There a only a handful of meals I do with cheese and I'll try to replace them.

What sort of stuff do you usually eat? It would make it easier to suggest what you can have instead...

redmayneslips Sat 22-Sep-12 21:53:15

Thanks so much MrsHuxtable, I am not vegetarian at all, though vastly cutting down on meat consumption. I am trying to get overall diet as healthy as I can (though I think it is pretty good to begin with). I have been ttc'ing a very long time now on no.2 and no luck whatsoever and recently read that if you are any way lactose intolerant that dairy consumption can adversely affect your fertility, reducing it by as much as 80%. So I have been thinking - might as well give it a whirl, cut out the dairy and see how we go!

For breakfast I would usually have something like juice, sesame crispbreads with sliced banana, and my one cup of lovely fresh coffee with hot milk. Occasionally I might have cereal but am not a big fan. I sometimes have porridge in the winter if dh makes it. He makes it for himself and dd and makes it 2/3 water, 1.3 milk and it is nice but I tire of it very quickly.

For lunch I would have a large bowl of homemade soup, we are very fond of Italian style soups with some rice / pasta, loads of veg and a sprinkle of parmesan etc. I have been trying to cut back on eating sandwiches etc anyway. Otherwise I would have a salad with homemade dressing rather than mayo. I do love eggs though and would also have omelette and salad some days, or scrambled eggs etc.

Dinners can be easily dairy free, I do like to use butter / cream / creme fraiche etc from time to time but can get around that. We eat a lot of fish and veg and chicken but very often have meat free dinners.

I do LOVE to bake (I try not to eat it all though, but make something for dd and /or guests every week, often several times a week. So I can do that for them, but just not have any myself I guess.

I only ever use real butter and HATE spreads so not looking forward to that change...

I guess milk and butter and eggs are my main concerns really. But I am sure I can do it and if it means a happy outcome - well - wouldn't that be marvellous!!!

sashh Sun 23-Sep-12 02:13:26

I just don't like milk. I use the occasional soya milk.

Coffee - better black, make sure yo have nice coffee, not instant.

Breakfast - look at the continent, or even further away.

Ham and bread, fruit, nasi goreng, kegeree.

Or you can do a cooked breakfast. If yo don't have time then cook sausages the night before and eat cold.

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