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miggy Tue 23-Dec-03 23:50:10

We are "given" a turkey as a barter payment from a local farmer. This year its massive and Im worried that will have to get up at 6am to put in oven or that it will suck out all the heat and we will have no veg (only have aga). Has anyone tried cooking overnight in the simmering oven as suggested by Mary Berry, cant quite believe it works and will be a bit stuck for lunch if it doesnt!

KatieMac Sun 28-Dec-03 17:30:48

Only just read this....I know nothing about agas but am desperate to know if it went well....

Lisa78 Sun 28-Dec-03 18:17:29

ditto!You about Miggy? give us the aga saga

miggy Sun 28-Dec-03 19:50:00

It was fab!
Put turkey in hot oven for one hour about 10.30, then straight in simmering oven and just left it. Went to bed expecting chicken nuggets for lunch but it was fine. Checked it at 11am and it was perfect for lunch at 1. Cooked slightly over if anything but stayed really moist.
Did all veg in "prepare ahead" way (from amy wilcox book) on xmas eve too so although xmas eve was manic, no stress at all on xmas day and could help kids put together presents etc. Would def do again next year. Also managed to stress my mum (who of course had not seen a bird go in the oven) by casualy saying at 11ish, "do you think I should put the turkey in now?" teeHee

KatieMac Sun 28-Dec-03 20:41:39

Soooo pleased glad you had a good meal!!

miggy Sun 28-Dec-03 21:47:02

Thank you-hope you did too

KatieMac Sun 28-Dec-03 22:03:26

Yes, - FAB but I cheated my Mum cooked (CD,BD and gave us leftovers for Sat & Sun too!)

Oh well back to reality tomorrow and slaving over a hot stove...(or a tin of beans - to give us a rest after all that rich food!!Ha Ha)

Oops I forgot round at Mum's, NYE and NYD too! (I have such a hard life!)

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