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What is your most used cookbook?

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You know, the one covered in flour and olive oil with pages stuck together? It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm going to get my cookbook shelves revamped as a present. My most used at the moment are Jamie at Home and the Be-Ro baking book. I also like Rick Stein and River Cottage, and I use a lot of speciality ones like Curries of India, Taste of the Caribbean and Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons. What do I really need in my library?

As an aside, has anyone bought Jerusalem yet? I've had a flick through and it's a lovely book but not sure how useful it would be day to day.

Thanks smile

MothershipG Wed 19-Sep-12 13:13:04

Oooooh! Have you got Dan Lepard's "Short & Sweet"? Easily my fav since I was given it for Xmas last year. I love that he explains the why and how of ingredients and cooking methods. Don't think I've made as many recipes in a single book before.

CointreauVersial Wed 19-Sep-12 13:14:58


Nothing fancy or flash, but a recipe/method for everything

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 19-Sep-12 13:15:46

Be-Ro here too. Gok Wan, surprisingly as well.

BeatTheClock Wed 19-Sep-12 13:16:55

I have a billion cookery books (well it seems that manyblush) and yet the place I go to most for recipes is The BBC site.

Sorry not much help as you wanted a bookgrin

lirael Wed 19-Sep-12 13:18:23

Another vote for 'Short and Sweet' here - brilliant (esp the naan bread recipe). Also use Jamie's 30 Minute book quite a bit though rarely do the whole menu. Have a lot of cookery books but these are the two I'm using most atm.

Strawhatpirate Wed 19-Sep-12 13:30:31

Nigella lawson kitchen. Also all of nigel slater especially kitchen diaries, just invested in kitchen diaries 2.

Thanks all. Short & Sweet gets great reviews on Amazon so I might add that to the list. I don't have any Nigel Slater because I don't like him on TV but I should probably ignore that and try a book. Nigellas the same - I've got a couple of her books but she irritates me so much it puts me off!

I fancy the Gok Wan but dp doesn't eat any seafood and when he looked at the book he thought there were too many prawns ffs

IPredictADiet Wed 19-Sep-12 13:56:08

Delia's Summer and Winter Collections
<90s retro>
lots of good, reliable dinner recipes, and some nice cakes for good measure.

Sleepwhenidie Wed 19-Sep-12 13:57:46

In the mood for food by Jo Pratt is great.

iknowwho Wed 19-Sep-12 13:58:33

A few of my Rose Elliot one's have seen better days it has to be said, with pages falling out of them!

Bookbrain Wed 19-Sep-12 13:58:41

I've just bought Delia's Cookery Collection from a charity shop for £1 a book (three volumes) and they are FAB. Am toying with the idea of cooking my way through everything a la Julie and Julia.

Fab book for everyday family cooking is the BBC Good Food Family Meal Planner. Haven't found a duff recipe in it yet.

EldritchCleavage Wed 19-Sep-12 14:03:23

At the moment, The Low-Carb Gourmet. Excellent, easy recipes.

I love Be-Ro too, and another baking favourite is the Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Baking book.

Now the weather is getting colder, Roast Figs, Sugar Snow: Food to Warm the Soul by Diana Henry will be delved into again. She is great, I want her Food from Plenty: Good Food Made from the Plentiful, the Seasonal and the Leftover with Over 300 Recipes, None of Them Extravagant ; and Cook Simple: Effortless Cooking Every Day.

littlemissstan Wed 19-Sep-12 14:08:16

Nigella Lawson How To Eat - covers every basic thing you'll ever need and because it was written before she was well-known she's far less OTT in tone of voice!

LookBehindYou Wed 19-Sep-12 14:10:32

Madhur Jaffrey - very old battered book with singed edges where I left it too close to the gas ring.
Delia original cookery course book.
Nigel Slater - The Kitchen Diaries. Love him. His recipes always give me other ideas.
I have a Nigella Lawson that I've barely used. Can't get on with her at all.

LookBehindYou Wed 19-Sep-12 14:11:03

And I have Ottolenghi - not sure that guy likes food!

Strawhatpirate Wed 19-Sep-12 14:52:51

The silver spoon pasta book is also amazing! If you have a pasta obsesion like me smile

EugenesAxe Wed 19-Sep-12 15:04:34

My own cobbled together recipe book. But apart from that, probably Madhur Jaffrey's Illustrated Indian Cookery. I think it's out of print now but her 'Ultimate Curry Bible' has a lot of the same recipes.

Hmmm... yes it is out of print (hence the £151 asking price for 'New' copies on Amazon!!) but there are a lot of used here.

For baking I most often use Good Housekeeping 101 Cakes and Bakes.

£151 shock

My Amazon wish list is getting very long now!

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 19-Sep-12 17:47:15

Delia Smith Complete Cookery Course circa 1985. Her Smithness looks about 25 on the front cover - all bobbed hair and a very nasty blouse. It's my culinary comfort blanket for when I forget.... again.... how many minutes per lb the leg of lamb is going to take or how much pastry I need for a double-crust apple pie. Other books have come and gone but Delia's well-thumbed greasy pages lives on.

MrsSnaplegs Wed 19-Sep-12 17:50:59

Economy Gastronomy - saved me a fortune by helping meal plan and shop
Latest ones
Cooking in Spain and Tapas a bite of Spain both by Janet Mendel but only because I am trying to shop locally now we've moved as British food is really expensive here - 3 small bags from local Morrisons plus some coke and dr pepper came to nearly £60 angry

onyx72 Wed 19-Sep-12 17:51:36

Leith's Cookery Bible has never let me down.
I also use Cook In Boots by Ravinder Bhogal a lot.

WillSingForCake Wed 19-Sep-12 18:02:58

Leith's Simple Cookery - its fab!

bookbird Wed 19-Sep-12 18:08:33

The Glasgow cookery book. It's the "dough school" cook book and is my Mum's cooking bible. They've now re-printed a centenary edition so I have my own copy.

Full of fool proof recipes, no pretty photographs though.

Taffeta Wed 19-Sep-12 20:06:21

All the Sarah Raven cookery books
Just Like Mother Used to Make by Tom Norrington-Davies
Leith's Baking Bible

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