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What are you eating/cooking this week?

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StarryEyedMama Mon 17-Sep-12 14:10:08

Stuck for ideas - need to do a tesco shop tonight. Any ideas?

indiechick Mon 17-Sep-12 14:11:51

Tonight - vegetable pasta bake and veggies
Tomorrow - omlette, chips and beans
Wed - vegetarian spag bol
Thur - chicken curry
Fri - fish fingers, chips and beans

multipoodles Mon 17-Sep-12 14:31:16

Bit boring here,
tonight mince, carrot, onion in slow cooker with mash & cabbage,
Tues is big pot of thick ministrone soup and home made bread,
Wednesday will be roast chicken, veg and potatoes. I don't eat meat so will do something different (have boxes of frozen pre made dinners in freezer so likely one of those).
Thursday homemade pizza, potao wedges and salad
Friday haven't a clue!

ExasperatedSigh Mon 17-Sep-12 14:34:08

Tonight: some sort of pasta
Tomorrow: mixed bean chilli
Wednesday: the Sri Lankan chicken curry that's on the homepage atm, but with turkey chunks as that's what I've got in the freezer
Thursday: salmon, noodles and veg
Friday: turkey burgers in a pitta, with potato/sweet potato wedges

Those are all the dinners...lunches tend to be a bit more made up.

DogsCock Mon 17-Sep-12 14:37:12

mon - macaroni cheese
tues -shep pie
wed - port chops and roast trimmings
thur - chilli
fri - gammon joint with rice and peas.

MummyPig24 Mon 17-Sep-12 17:48:21

Tonight- pasta bake with bacon and mange tout.
Tuesday- spag bol
Wednesday- Chilli with leftovers from tues.
Thursday- fishcakes
Friday- ifit

KnockKnockPenny Mon 17-Sep-12 17:54:35

Tonight - morrocan meatballs & cous cous

roast chicken with creamy leeks, roast potatoes

smokey pork stew & homemade bread

Thai green curry & roti

Big Breakfast Pastry Thing (something I saw on GBBO and want to recreate!)

RightUpMyRue Mon 17-Sep-12 18:07:11

Tonight: Pizzas (half price Pizza Express in Morrisons today)

Tomorrow: Turkey steaks with some sort of creamy topping shiznit with cauliflower and leek cheese (easy for DP to do)

Wednesday: Thai chicken curry and rice

Thursday: Something with mince

Friday: I haven't decided yet.

Possibly the most uninspiring list of meals you could have hoped for OP confused Sorry.

Francagoestohollywood Mon 17-Sep-12 18:10:04

Tonight I made pumpkin soup and hummous.
No idea what tomorrow will bring.

TheArmadillo Mon 17-Sep-12 18:15:21

tonight - what originally started as chicken parmigana but has evolved over the last few weeks with a rocket & parmesan salad for me (everyone has their own preferred salad) and part baked baguettes (baked obviously).

the rest of the week in no particular order
chicken curry from hairy dieters book with rice
pork meatballs in tomato based sauce with pasta
carne guisada (latin beef stew with beer - I use guinness which actually works really well and add spinach) and HM oven chips, though it may end up being chicken instead of beef.
burgers, salad and some kind of potato.

I really can't be bothered this week.

Jcee Mon 17-Sep-12 21:00:58

Tonight - jacket potatoes, tuna & sweetcorn
Tues - chicken curry & naan bread
Wed - lasagna
thurs - prawn and veg stir fry & noodles
Fri - oven chips and something quick from freezer like fish fingers or sausages

mamij Mon 17-Sep-12 21:05:51

Tonight - salmon, noodles and stir fry
Tues - roast chicken wings and vegetables
Weds - pork loin, rice, vegetables
Thurs - roast duck, noddles and Chinese leaves
Fri - fish, chips and beans
Sat - whatever is in the fridge/freezer/cupboard!

spiritual Wed 19-Sep-12 06:54:05

tonight its one pan roast, ie a chicken with bought stuffing,chopped up carrot leek and potato,,glug of olive oil light, or sunflower oil on top and add gravy when done,about one hour twenty. roast in one! Tomorrow, nigella express, pork chops in cider sauce witzh gnocchi, quick, easy and gorgeous.

Beanbagz Wed 19-Sep-12 09:14:27

So far we've had...

Mon - chicken, leek & parsnip bake
Tue - Pizza & salad

And the rest of the the week will be...

Weds - Veggie pasta & salad
Thurs - Quorn sausages, roast potatoes/parsnips & carrots
Fri - Fish, baked potatoes & veg

Taffeta Wed 19-Sep-12 20:23:48

Mon - Pasta with basil and tomato sauce and cheese
Tues - Rice and veg for DD/Meatball roll with carrots for DS on the move
Weds - Chicken and veg stir fry w noodles
Thurs - Sausages for DC, Sea Bass for DH and I
Fri - Cottage Pie w veg
Sat - Quiche w salad
Sun - Roast Beef with Veg Pots and Yorkies, Almond Slices ( my parents over )

KnockKnockPenny - please can I have the recipe for the smokey pork stew?

MamaGeekChic Wed 19-Sep-12 20:30:53

So far we've had:
Mon- Burger and Baby roasties with salad for DP, Fishfinger & beetroot sandwich for me as that's what I fancied
Tues- Pizza Express, out to see a show, used tesco vouchers
Tonight- Chicken/Veg/noodle stirfry

Tomorrow- Chilli, rice, garlic bread double carbing naughty naughty
Friday- Leftover chilli with jacket potatoes and salad
Saturday- chicken curry, garlic naan

Possibly not the healthiest week's eating but we're struggling for at the moment so was a cheap aldi shop and cupboards/freezer

Mintberry Wed 19-Sep-12 20:50:17

Ooh, you guys are very well prepared with your day by day plans!

Last night: BBQ ribs with rice and salad (went down very well)

Tonight: Pizza, Peas and chips

Others that will probably get made this week:

Chicken stir fry

Chicken with either curry or sweet and sour sauce with with rice and broccoli

Roast chicken dinner with all the works

Steak and Kidney Pie with mash and peas

Mominatrix Wed 19-Sep-12 20:53:38

Tonight: roast peri peri style chicken, spiced sweet potato wedges, peas
Tomorrow: spaghetti with chili, tomato and meatballs
Friday: potato leek strudel (from great British Bakeoff), tomato salad,with Queen of puddings
Saturday: chickpea pizza with roast tomato topping, grilled med veg (lunch), grilled mackerel with brown rice and homemade spiced carrot flatbread
Sunday: salmon sous vide, watercress pesto, broccoli and pea with miso dressing

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 19-Sep-12 21:01:53

Sun- roast pork with potatoes, green beans, roasted tomatillos. Pear tart with ice cream.
Mon - vegeree from H F-W veggie book. Pear tart.
Tue - left over pork, mashed sweet potato, green beans and fennel. Pear tart.
Tonight, carrot and coriander soup, homemade bread and bloody pear tart again.
Tomorrow- tuna pasta bake and salad. No pear tart.
Fri- beef in red wine thingy and camargue rice.
Saturday. ?

VerityClinch Thu 20-Sep-12 18:44:18

Mon - Moroccan lemon chicken with olives and almonds, runner beans, ciabatta

Tues - beef stroganoff, rice, peas

Wed - chicken stir fry

Thur - DH out at a work do. I'll have some pasta with cheese and the broccoli the children rejected earlier once they are in bed

Fri - pork chops, roasties, roast veg

Saturday - take away

Sunday - butterflied pork rib, potato rosti, sweet potato mash

Meal planning has changed my life

On Monday will be batch cooking chicken and aubergine patia for the freezer (where this weeks Moroccan chicken and beef stroganoff came from)

VerityClinch Thu 20-Sep-12 18:45:28

kitten How big was that pear tart?! confused

Mon - One Pot Spanish chicken
Tues Jackets with tuna and salad
Wed Fish fingers, peas and chips
Thu Chilli con carne
Fri toad in the hole and veggies
Sat Chicken enchiladas
Sun Gammon joint with cauliflower cheese

redmayneslips Fri 21-Sep-12 12:56:10

A bit late for this week...but here goes:
Mon: One pot chicken chasseur with cauliflower cheese and baked potatoes
Tues: dh and dd had left over chicken, I had a large salad
Wed: roast cauliflower & hazlenut salad with steamed haddock
Thurs: Italian Style turnip soup (gordon ramsey and delicious!!!)
Fri: out for dinner
Sat: Jamie Oliver's fish pie with peas
Sun: left over fish pie with peas

seabuckthorn Fri 21-Sep-12 14:03:30

This week:
Cottage pie and cabbage
Leftover cottage pie with beans
Homemade Pasta bake with mozzarella
Jamie Oliver's Jool's favourite beef stew with homemade bread
Fish cakes, potato wedges and salad
Sticky pork belly slices with jackets and salad
Chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings and a jam sponge pudding.

seabuckthorn Fri 21-Sep-12 14:20:18

I would also like the recipe for smokey pork stew please!

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