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whats your 1 year old favourite lunch or supper recipe?

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Tipex Sat 18-Mar-06 17:46:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hermykne Sat 18-Mar-06 17:51:10

my ds loved a beef stew with sweet potato in it, at that age, he wont eat stew now the monkey!

Nbg Sat 18-Mar-06 17:53:24

There was always 3 that I could rely on.
Chicken and Peach casserole
Lamb casserole
Carrot and lentil soup

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sat 18-Mar-06 18:16:26

Beef casserole definately

Jacket potatoe cheese and beans

Jess had chicken and rice for tea tonight

tuna and mashed potatoe

dooley1 Sat 18-Mar-06 18:17:23

scrambled egg on toast
cheesy beans on toast
cheesy beans on jacket potato or mashed sweet potato

biglips Sat 18-Mar-06 18:43:59

fish and pasta and vegs

Bozza Sat 18-Mar-06 20:35:11

DD's favourite is definitely bangers and mash with just about any veg on the side.

She is also partial to various pasta dishes (we had macaroni cheese with leeks and bacon tonight), stew, shepherd's pie, risotto, chicken dinner etc.

starlover Sat 18-Mar-06 20:39:27

hello tipex!

the renowned chickpea curry always goes down well here!

erm... anything really tbh.. pasta and tomato sauce, jacket potato with cheese and beans, any kind of veg soup/stew with either quinoa, pearl barley or lentils added

starlover Sat 18-Mar-06 20:39:53

he will also eat quorn sausages with veg (particularly peas)

spidermama Sat 18-Mar-06 20:44:21

Whatever we're eating, but cut up more.

Actually my 14 month old has just amazed me. We had a wedding reception at my house yesterday with canapes with all sorts of things on them (salmon, cream cheese, artichokes, salami, cheeses of all sorts, herbs of all sorts, quail eggs, olives) and he sat there in his high chair like a little Lord having an absolute ball trying it all. He's probably fed up with the mash I normally serve him. He really was in his element with all the flavours and textures.

btw, I'm not suggesting you prepare and serve up canapes for him . I'm just saying that it's a great age to get them experimenting with all sorts of tastes and textures.

getbakainyourjimjams Sat 18-Mar-06 20:47:55

Am I the only one with a nightmare gagger? He;s 14 months and will happily eat toast and lumps of cheese etc but gags on casserole and stuff unless its pureed, retches on mashed potato and throws up on small lumps. Recognises a chocolate bsicuit from 100 yards and will elbow his brothers out of the way to get to it though.

He's gluten free so I haven't tried pasta. Gags on scrambled egg. He's a nightmare.

Twinkie1 Sat 18-Mar-06 20:58:32

Alphabites and tomato ketchup (about 6 of them) with those crappy skinless sausages and peas or baked beans and cucumber slices - followed by a satsuma which he suck the juice out of and spits the rest out and then a fruit puree thing!!

I AM A BAD MUM!!!! - NO - its all the little blighter will eat!! - did hopeafter sausages on the bouce for 4 days this week he would have enough but no!!!

DD eats everything you put in front of her though and has always done so!!

starlover Sat 18-Mar-06 21:00:38

twinkie, nip it in the bud while you still can!

ds eats what he's offered. if he refuses it then i get him down from the table. he is 13 months.

Emma1404 Sat 18-Mar-06 21:06:35

i have the same problem as you 'getbackinyourjimjams'. my dd of 11 months only has her 2 bottom teeth so finds it really hard to chew on things, unless its malteasers or skips. stress isnt the word for it. ive tried everything.

getbakainyourjimjams Sat 18-Mar-06 21:33:29

Emma- ds2 was exactly the same- and he also (like ds3) was late to cut his molars. Ds1 teethed really early and was chomping away on everything by a year, but my younger 2 have both been like this. Having seen it before I'm not that stressed about it, but get fed up if his whole dinner landing back on his lap accompanied by a whole host of strange sounds

A lot of babies never really get on with the inbetween stage very well- puree or solid seems to suit some.

alliebaba Sat 18-Mar-06 21:33:52

DD eats everything.. usually off of Emma1404's dd's tray. Has been known to eat half a woodlouse

skinnymalinky Sat 18-Mar-06 21:37:50

Mashed potato woth broccoli and cheese
homemade lentil soup
homemade chicken 'dippers'

kama Sat 18-Mar-06 21:52:17

Message withdrawn

Clure Mon 03-Apr-06 12:21:00

getbackinyourjimjams - my DD is exactly the same. I thought it was just me who had this problem as other friends little ones of same age 14 months are eating lumps. DD loves toast and little sandwiches but gags and spits out anything with tiny lumps in from a spoon. Have to still puree everything up for her.

Scabbybaboon Mon 03-Apr-06 15:35:27

Toast some brown bread. Fry some tuna together with whatever suitable veg you have in the fridge (toms, sweetcorn, mushrooms, courgette, onion etc). Put some cheese on top and put it under the grill till cheese has melted.

Ds still loves this.

Nbg Mon 03-Apr-06 15:37:39

Am going to try that tonight SB.

Scabbybaboon Mon 03-Apr-06 15:55:41

Oo I hope you like it Nbg . Just realised I forgot to say you put the tuna mix on top of the toast, then put the cheese on . It's been a long day.....

drosophila Mon 03-Apr-06 16:15:31

How do you manage to give your baby what you eat?

DP and I eat food that is too spicy for a baby to eat and far too salty. I can't give her the meal before we spice it up cos the spice goes in too early.

People who say that baby eats what we eat, is your food quite plain and not very salty.

I found Lorraine Kelly's book good for toddlers meals better than Annabelle's.

Coolmama Mon 03-Apr-06 21:58:50

I figure that you don't know until you try - DS is just over 13 months old and had some of my taramasalta on toast the other day - after the first bite, he nearly ripped by fingers off trying to get at the toast again - have no idea if he should eat that or not, but spicy guacomole went down just as well -

Hazellnut Mon 03-Apr-06 22:20:20

Hi Tipex - I try and give dd a portion of what we have the night before. We DO eat spicy food and so far dd has had curry (quite spicy) ,chilli and a vegetable tangine which had quite a bit of harissa in it. SHe loved it but it took me quite a while to realise why she had so many dirty nappies and such a red bottom the next day . I don't give her anything too salty although tomorrow I am going to try her with the sausage in red wine casserole we had tonight thinking that the red wine will have boiled off the alcohol and as long as other salty stuff is avoided she should be ok on the salt content of the sausages.

BUt, to answer your question tipex - dd's faves are spag bol, fishfingers (100% cod fillet of course) mash and peas/sweetcorn, scrambled egg and omlettes and veg soups.

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