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Ribena and hyperactivity

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popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 10:26:32

Advice needed. My ds is 17 months almost and usualy has water to drink with maybe a tiny splash of fresh orange in to taste. Doesn't hardly have diluted juice and on the rare occasion that he does then it is VERY watered down. On Saturday we were in town and he was shouting for juice, which we had forgotten to bring, so got a carton on tootkind ribena - much more concentrated than we EVER normally give, but thought it would be ok as it was a 'one off'.
Anyway - he went loopy. Not naughty type screamming but really hyper, saying all the words that he can 'mama dad panada juice dickdick (biscuit, chair etc etc etc) really loudly and in silly voices one after another and bounching up and down laughing and giggling at anything!!! It was hilarious if a little embarrassing and slightly worrying!!
It went after about 30 minutes. NOt happened before and not happened since!
ANyway (long post sorry) - if this really common? ANyone had a similar thing with Ribena? If so, which additives do I need to avoid in future?? Was going to google but though mumsnetters may know better!!!
Hope you can help!!

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 10:32:14

hmmm just looked on ribena webpage and now worried even more about it!
right calm down pops!!

katierocket Mon 22-Dec-03 10:33:54

YES is the answer

see this info below - it is sodium benzoate (E211) that is in ribena

In October 2002 The Food Commission conducted a survey of children’s foods and drinks containing the additives Sunset Yellow (E110), Ponceau 4R (E124),Carmosine (E122) and Sodium Benzoate (E211). These additives have been shown to cause temper tantrums and disruptive behaviour in up to a quarter of toddlers. For more information see

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 10:38:38

cheers katierocket!!!!!
isnt it unbelieveable though!!!
this is the reasont hat i never give him stuff like this - it was a one off emergency measure on saturday.....
never again!!!

katierocket Mon 22-Dec-03 10:40:05

I know - I did exactly the same
if you go to that website it is really useful as it lists foods with nasty additives in it.
It's shocking really that they sell it

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 10:40:55

i have added that website to favourites!!!

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 10:47:41

just found this newspaper article

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 10:48:07

and this is really useful too
i am answering my own questions now....

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