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Easy sweetie receipes

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Hollymaiden Sat 20-Dec-03 19:49:02

Anyone got any receipes for sweets that a child could do with supervision? (Not toffee, then!). I can find hardly anything in any of my books, and can't even remember how to make peppermint creams (which I was a whizz at in my day - I even won a prize in the local county show for them!).

Pacific Sat 20-Dec-03 20:21:03

To make peppermint creams you need dried egg white. Make it up according to the instructions. Then you need about half a pack of icing sugar. Beat the icing sugar into the egg white until you have a thick paste. Add a few drops of peppermint oil. (oil is better than peppermint flavouring)Divide the mixture in half and add green food colouring to one half. Roll the mixtures into little balls about the size of a marble and press flat with the tines of a fork. Leave the peppermint creams to set overnight but not in the fridge. You can then half dip them in chocolate.

For orange creams use orange oil, for coffee creams make up two teaspoonfuls of instant coffee with ONE TEASPOONFUL of hot water.

Another good sweetie for kids to make are half chocolate dipped fresh strawberries....especially white chocolate....mmmmm! You can also use tangerine segments and grapes.

Make chocolate mini-pizzas. Drop teaspoonfuls of melted chocolate onto greasproof paper then arrange bits of dried fruit and nuts into the chocolate. You can use pieces of dried apricot, pineapple, coloured glace cherries etc.

How about marzipan fruits? Some of them are quite easy and do not need cooked. It would take a long time for me to type out how to do them but I will if you really want to know.


kmg1 Sat 20-Dec-03 20:21:46

Ok - this is a really easy one - dss 4 and 6 can make these practically unsupervised.

Bag of large pink/white marshmallows

You need a mini-muffin tray, and a muffin paper in each 'hole'. Melt some chocolate (I use half and half plain and half milk chocolate, and 16 squares in total is enough to do 24 sweeties). Put a teaspoon of melted chocolate in the bottom of each muffin paper. Add a large marshmallow. Then put a small blob of chocolate on the top and add a smartie.

I used to make these with my mum, and really enjoy eating them! Brings back fond memories. They look colourful too.

Or do you want something a bit more adventurous?

Hollymaiden Sat 20-Dec-03 20:51:56

Thanks both of you for those - and thanks for the offer of the marzipan fruit instructions, but we are not really a marzipan family! It doesn't have to be adventurous - ds just wants to make some sweeties to give to his Grandma and his Auntie at Christmas. And to eat, I reckon!

helenmc Sun 21-Dec-03 18:06:15

get some ready-rolled soft cake icing and use the play dough cutters on them!!

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