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Xmas pig out

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MincePie Sat 20-Dec-03 12:55:19

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds they can't stop eating over Xmas...there is so much food around (we did a 2 week grocery shop yesterday), so much chocolate.

Does anyone else always over eat over the festive season?

(I keep trying to justify it with the b/f but not sure that is working!)

Festivefly Sat 20-Dec-03 13:00:50

I've already put 2pounds on eating carbs, i feel like comfort eating, wrapping up indoors and being a slob.Its too cold to do much else. I like to think of myself as a squirrel in hibernation i'll stop eating in march

marsup Sat 20-Dec-03 13:00:54

No alas - I'm desperately wanting to overeat, especially chocolate, but since dp has taken to doing the shopping (I have too many aches and pains at the moment) he is being very strict
. I think I need an emergency internet delivery of Lindt chocolate - I like my chocolate dark, and Swiss... you know those Lindor balls with smooth filling? ooooohhhhh! I'm off now to look in case they have a website...

WickedXmasWitch Sat 20-Dec-03 19:21:12

No MincePie, you're not the only one. Despite post baby fat so far today I have eaten the following:
Breakfast: a fried bacon sandwich on white bread (lots of butter), Quality Street chocolates.
Lunch: 2 Cambozola and cranberry sauce sandwiches. A small Austrian smoked cheese. BBQ Pringles. 3 sesame snaps. Grapes. Cheese straws. Lots of Quality Street.
Haven't had supper yet but it will be peking duck and hoisin sauce (ready made from Sainsbury's). And wine. Maybe some Dolcelatte and port to follow. There should be a lard arse icon...

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