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Lorraine Kelly

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ghengis Fri 19-Dec-03 22:59:19

I am not a regular viewer of GMTV but caught LKToday and couldn't belieb=ve how wonderful Lorraine Kelly looked. Does anyone know her secret? She is so 'normal' that I would love to know how she has done it - she postively glows!

MincePie Fri 19-Dec-03 22:59:58

er...why is this in Food? Do you want to eat her?

sobernoel Fri 19-Dec-03 23:03:54

TV studio hair, make-up and lighting?

snowywong Fri 19-Dec-03 23:13:03

yeah, I noticed that too, but why is she in food?

Demented Sat 20-Dec-03 11:56:07

ghengis, she has got a book out, saw it in W H Smith the other day (I'm not a big LK fan or anything) I had a flick through it and she seems to give away some of her tips may be worth a look. HTH.

ghengis Sat 20-Dec-03 12:13:31

oooer! sorry to have upset you! I put it in Food because I assumed she had been dieting

Chinchillyweather Sat 20-Dec-03 18:16:33

Ghangis - you beat me to it. I thought the same thing on Thursday. Still can't stand the patronising woman though

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